Big 12: Justin Brantly

A&M's all-decade team

January, 21, 2010
At the start of the decade, Texas A&M was at the top of the Big 12 South Division.

The Aggies claimed the Big 12 championship in 1998 after qualifying for the title game in 1997. A&M capped off an emotion-packed 1999 season by beating eventual Big 12 South champion Texas in the "Bonfire Game" to end the regular season.

But the program regressed as Oklahoma's Bob Stoops and Texas' Mack Brown built their programs throughout the aughts. R.C. Slocum was let go after the 2002 season and Dennis Franchione was similarly jettisoned after the 2007 season.

Mike Sherman is in place now. The program faces a huge battle to get itself back to the level where the Aggies were at only 10 seasons ago.

Here's a look at some of the top players and moments of the Aggies' last decade.


QB: Jerrod Johnson

RB: Courtney Lewis

RB: Jorvorskie Lane

WR: Robert Ferguson

WR: Terrence Murphy

TE: Martellus Bennett

OL: Cody Wallace

OL: Taylor Whitley

OL: Lee Grimes

OL: Kirk Elder

C: Seth McKinney


DL: Mike Montgomery

DL: Rocky Bernard

DL: Ty Warren

DL: Von Miller

LB: Jason Glenn

LB: Justin Warren

LB: Mark Dodge

DB: Sammy Davis

DB: Melvin Bullitt

DB: Terrence Kiel

DB: Jaxson Appel

P: Justin Brantly

K: Todd Pegram

Ret: Cyrus Gray

Offensive player of the decade: QB Jerrod Johnson. It was a tough choice over quarterbacks like Stephen McGee and Reggie McNeal who played for the Aggies earlier in their careers. But Johnson's abilities to develop the most potent passing offense in A&M history -- setting school records for touchdown passes, total offense and passing yards in 2009 -- make him the choice. And he could be poised for even more in his senior season.

Defensive player of the decade: DE/LB Von Miller. The Aggies' proud reputation for tough defenses became forgotten over the decade as spread passing offenses proliferated across the conference. But Miller was decidedly a throwback in a 2009 season where he led the nation with 17 sacks and became the most dominant A&M defensive player since Dat Nguyen. Miller thrived in the hybrid "Jack" position created by former defensive coordinator Joe Kines. He wisely chose to return to college for his senior season next year where he can continue with a new coordinator in place.

Coach of the decade: R.C. Slocum. It was difficult for A&M fans to see the demise of Slocum, perhaps the most popular coach in school history. The Aggies never had a losing record under Slocum and made bowl trips in two of the three seasons he coached them this decade, including the 2001 Bowl that remains their most recent bowl victory.

Moment of the decade: Stephen McGee's dramatic game-winning drive in a 2006 victory at Texas. Despite vomiting in the huddle throughout the game-winning drive, McGee directed the Aggies on a 16-play, 88-yard drive capped by his own 8-yard touchdown run en route to a 12-7 victory over the Longhorns in Austin. McGee converted five third-down plays on the drive as A&M snapped a six-game losing streak to their most bitter rivals.

Big potential free-agent pool among Big 12 players

April, 27, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

I'll be back later today with a complete breakdown of the Big 12's draft.

But here's something to watch as Monday plays out.

There are still some pretty good players available from Big 12 schools who were not drafted.

Most notably are three quarterbacks who set records and took their teams to bowl games this past season.

Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell, Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel and Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz all went undrafted.

Look for teams to be dickering with them for free-agent contracts throughout the day.

Here's a list of some of the more notable Big 12 players who went undrafted.

There are some pretty good players on that list. I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of them make an NFL roster if given the opportunity.

Don't always believe those heights and weights

February, 24, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

When I was a little kid, one element among my favorites of going to a football game was collecting a game program. I loved nothing better than to scan rosters and check the heights and weights of players as I looked at them through my father's binoculars.

It led me to collecting many programs that probably still are around my parents' house somewhere. I guess I just wanted to add to the clutter of my bedroom.

If I had known then what I know now, I might not have been so diligent about all of the effort. Little boys don't know those heights and weights for their football heroes aren't always correct.

The best way to analyze the discrepancy is by comparing the heights and weights of some of the Big 12 players who attended the recent NFL combine and compare them with what they were listed at during their college careers.

The before is their listed height and weight during last season. The after is what they were measured over the weekend by the NFL.

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Patton struggles at Texas vs. Nation All-Star Game

February, 2, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

Missouri backup quarterback Chase Patton had hoped to wow pro scouts with a big performance at the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star Game in El Paso.

Patton struggled in brief playing time in the final major college all-star game of the season, completing two of six passes for 15 yards. He was one of four quarterbacks who saw action for the Texas All-Star team, which included all of the Big 12 players who saw action in the game.

The Nation won the game, 27-24.

Here's how other Big 12 players fared in the game.

  • Texas running back Chris Ogbonnaya, rushed for 12 yards on five carries with a long carry of 7 yards.
  • Texas A&M's Justin Brantly punted six times for 49.3 yards with a long kick of 56 yards.
  • Texas A&M defensive end Cyril Obiozor had one solo tackle and three assists.
  • Nebraska defensive tackle Zach Potter had two solo tackles, an assist, a game-high three quarterback hurries, 1.5 tackles for losses and one pass broken up.
  • Texas linebacker Rashad Bobino had one solo tackle and two assists.
  • Kansas linebacker James Holt had one solo tackle, two assists and a shared tackle for a loss.
  • Texas defensive end Henry Melton had an assist and a quarterback pressure.
  • Texas A&M defensive back Danny Gorrer had an assist and a pass broken up.
  • Kansas State defensive end Ian Campbell produced an assist.

More Big 12 players get All-Star treatment in El Paso

January, 30, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

We've had the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl.

But we're still not through with college all-star games yet. The Texas vs. the Nation All-Star game Saturday in El Paso will showcase many Big 12 players who can help their draft cause with a big performance.

Most of the players at the El Paso game are ticketed as second-day draft choices or potential free agents. That's why strong efforts in workouts this week or in Saturday's game can help their cause so much.

Thirteen Big 12 players are set to participate in the game, which will be telecast on the CBS College Sports Network beginning at 3 p.m. ET and also be available online.

Organizers have grouped all of the Big 12 players on the Texas roster. Here's a look at those players who will be playing, with their uniform numbers in the game in parenthesis.

Texas roster -- Texas RB Chris Ogbonnaya (No. 3), Texas A&M CB Danny Gorrer (No. 4), Missouri QB Chase Patton (No. 14), Texas A&M P Justin Brantly (No. 16), Texas DE Henry Melton (No. 37), Kansas LB James Holt (No. 42), Nebraska LB Cody Glenn (No. 43), Texas LB Rashad Bobino (No. 44), Texas A&M DE Cyril Obizor (No. 49), Missouri T Colin Brown (No. 61), Nebraska T Lydon Murtha (No. 76), Nebraska DT Zach Potter (No. 98), Kansas State DE Ian Campbell (No. 99).

Tim's mailbag: Has A&M's talent really diminished that much?

January, 23, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

I received a bunch of good letters this week, telling me that Big 12 fans are observant about their football even when the season is over. Here are some of the more notable ones.

Ryan from Austin writes: Tim, Did I read that right? Only one, repeat one Texas A&M player made Dave Campbell's Texas Football's All-Texas list for 2008? Not a knock on Justin Brantly, but has A&M's program really fallen that far, or is it a reflection of the massive amount of talent in the state?

I would also like to point out how many Texas Tech players made the list, and it was especially exciting to see Texas Tech running back Baron Batch on the first team. I think he will (if Leach gives him the touches) take a huge load off of a new QB next season. If Batch touches the ball 20-25 times a game, I could see Tech having 9 or 10 wins. Think Westbrook in Red and Black.

Tim Griffin: Ryan, it does speak to how far the talent level has dropped at Texas A&M when you saw no players other than Brantly on the Dave Campbell team. I do think that coach Mike Sherman got some production from players like Jerrod Johnson, Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Fuller. The line struggled and there wasn't a single player who emerged as a top defensive player, other than maybe Michael Bennett. Considering A&M's 4-8 record, it wasn't a surprise the All-Texas team wasn't stocked with many Aggies.

Batch was a big producer for Texas Tech after missing last season with an injury. But he did have Shannon Woods who spelled him in a tailback-by-committee rotation. It will be interesting to see what Batch does as a truly featured back next season. Is he durable enough to thrive in that role? We'll see.

Chuck from Omaha writes: Could you please share any knowledge as to why Iowa State is taking so long to hire a defensive coordinator? Is Coach Paul Rhoads filling that role and I missed it, or does no one want the job? No one in the Ames area is reporting anything. Thanks.

Tim Griffin: As of the time I write this, Iowa State hasn't hired a defensive coordinator yet. I don't know why it's taking so long. Maybe it's because somebody has given Rhoads a qualified answer and might be waiting on another job. Maybe it's because Rhoads is putting more attention on building relationship with meeting with his new players and recruiting. Maybe he has a line on somebody who is still coaching in the NFL and will make an announcement after the Super Bowl.

But it is curious that it's taken so long to fill this position. I'll be interested to see who he chooses and his explanation for why it took so long to fill the position.

Eric from Denver writes: I don't think Colorado's recruiting class this year will have much - if any - effect on if they win 10 games in 2009. They may land one or two junior-college players who can help but the majority of these kids will be freshman and won't be counted on to contribute immediately. The only exception to that is defensive end Nick Kasa, but as Darrell Scott showed us, counting on a true freshman is a risky proposition.

Tim Griffin: You are right, but a truly special freshman player -- like Scott was supposed to be and Kasa apparently is as well -- can lift the play of an entire team because of his athleticism. And Colorado desperately needs that kind of boost if they are going to come close to fulfilling Dan Hawkins' 10-2 prediction for next season.

Kiko Thomas from Los Angeles writes: Ever since Ricky Williams and even before him, Texas has not had a prolific runner. Save for maybe Jamaal Charles. I wonder of your opinion on Chris Whaley who some compare to Darren McFadden from Arkansas. I see he has had many 400 yard-rushing games. No ways to tell how good he will be in college, but the remaining running backs that Texas has now are O.K. at best. Your thoughts on if he could get some time or really make an impact.

Tim Griffin: Kiko, first of all Texas has had some backs like Earl Campbell, Chris Gilbert and Hodges Mitchell who were pretty productive when they had their chances. I think that Campbell even won a Heisman.

But you are right about the needs for a running back at Texas. It was noticeable all season considering that Colt McCoy was the Longhorns' top rushing threat in 2008.

They certainly need more balance in the future. It's tough to project high-school backs into college players. But I would expect Whaley to receive every opportunity to emerge as a featured back once he arrives at Texas. I don't know if it will happen right away. But I expect he'll have that opportunity during his college career.

Korey from Midland, Texas, writes: Tim, Oklahoma plays Sept. 5 and the Big 12 Championship will be held in the billion-dollar new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. How long until the OU-Texas game gets moved to the new stadium?

Tim Griffin: I think that as long as DeLoss Dodds and Joe Castiglione are calling the shots at Texas and Oklahoma, there's a good chance that the game remains at the Cotton Bowl. I think both realize how special the game currently is in its current location. Obviously, Dallas owner Jerry Jones can offer them more seats in his stadium. And it certainly will be a palace, from everything I'm hearing. But by keeping the number of seats at their current levels, both schools can drive interest in priority seating because there is more demand than tickets.

Maybe, some day the game gets moved. But to be honest with you, I think a more likely scenario might be that the game would be moved to campus locations in the future. Alabama-Auburn played at Legion Field forever before moving to campus sites for good in 1998. I could see the same thing happening to Texas-Oklahoma one day -- but likely after Dodds and Castiglione are gone.

Chris Watkins from Lawrence, Kan., writes: Tim, I know ESPN selects a team each spring to broadcast their spring game. Two years ago it was Oklahoma, this past spring it was Florida. Is there enough buzz around the ESPN networks or the nation about Bill Snyder's comeback that they would consider broadcasting the Kansas State spring game? If it's still in the brainstorming process, it might be something you might want to suggest for the spring of 2009. I think it would be a fabulous idea, and if they did, I would bet a large crowd would turn out.

Tim Griffin: Bad news, Chris. Apparently the network has chosen to go to Georgia. The information is related in this story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other Georgia papers this morning.

I agree that the trip to Manhattan would have been interesting. But I also think that Kansas State's 5-7 record wouldn't qualify them with some powers that might be a little closer to challenging for a national title. I think that was a major determiner in who got the ex
posure for their spring game.

Adam from Broken Arrow, Okla., writes: I enjoyed your list of 2008 moments and realize this might be a little late now. But how could you forget Artrell Woods of Oklahoma State making his first reception in a game against Iowa State after a spinal injury that nearly caused paralysis and sidelined him for more than a year. Boone Pickens Stadium gave him a standing ovation afterwards. It was a big moment for Oklahoma State football.

Tim Griffin: Adam, forgive my oversight on leaving Woods out. I saw an ESPN story on it and it absolutely brought chills to me when I saw how hard he worked to get back from injury and back into the lineup. I should have mentioned it.

Derek from Salina, Kan., writes: I enjoy reading your Big 12 coverage. I usually agree with or at least understand the things you post. Then I came across your prediction that Nebraska will win the North in '09, and more importantly that you don't think Kansas will win in Lubbock. Are you serious, and if so, why?

Tim Griffin: Derek, again I choose to respectfully disagree with your assessment of the Jayhawks. I think if Nebraska can find a serviceable quarterback from one of their potential starters, the Cornhuskers should be in good shape. Quentin Castille and Roy Helu Jr. give them a nice running attack. They'll be running behind a veteran offensive front. And the return of Ndamukong Suh might be the biggest factor in the reason why I think the Cornhuskers' defense should be stout.

And the reason I think Texas Tech will beat Kansas can be found in past history. I know Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell won't be back next year. But Texas Tech has beaten Kansas 10 out of 11 times in the previous games of the series. The Red Raiders did hang 63 points on Kansas in Lawrence in 2008, didn't they? And Mike Leach's offense has averaged 40 points a game in the last five contests against the Jayhawks.

I think the Jayhawks will struggle in Lubbock, although I think that will be the crossover game they should have the best chance to win. I think Oklahoma will beat Kansas in Lawrence and Texas will be the Jayhawks in Austin.

Again, thanks for all of the great questions this week and keep them coming. I'll check back with more from my mailbag next week.

DCTF announces 2008 All-Texas teams

January, 22, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

Fans who live in Texas like I do know what a special day it is for football fans each June when Dave Campbell's Texas Football finally hits magazine stands and bookstores. And for the past two years, the publishers of DCTF have also produced a neat winter wrap-up of the previous season that is hitting newsstands today across the Southwest.

With several big stories in Texas football at the end of the season, the magazine's staff had many choices for inclusion on its annual postseason All-Texas team. Here's a look at their award winners and selected players, with Big 12 players highlighted in bold.

Dave Campbell Texas Football 2008 First-Team Offense

First-team defense

  • DL - Phillip Hunt, Houston
  • DL - Jerry Hughes, TCU
  • DL - Brian Orakpo, Texas
  • DL - Brandon Williams, Texas Tech
  • LB - Joe Pawelek, Baylor
  • LB - Jason Phillips, TCU
  • LB - Sergio Kindle, Texas
  • DB - Darcel McBath, Texas Tech
  • DB - Jordan Lake, Baylor
  • DB - Kenneth Fontenette, Houston
  • DB - Stephen Hodge, TCU

First-team specialists

  • K - Jose Martinez, UTEP
  • P - Justin Brantly, Texas A&M
  • RET - Jordan Shipley, Texas

Second-team offense

Second-team defense

  • DL - Youri Yenga, SMU
  • DL - Roy Miller, Texas
  • DL - McKinner Dixon, Texas Tech
  • DL - Cody Moore, TCU
  • LB - Adam Vincent, UTEP
  • LB - Robert Henson, TCU
  • LB - Brian Duncan, Texas Tech
  • DB - Daniel Charbonnet, Texas Tech
  • DB - Andrew Sendejo, Rice
  • DB - Steven Coleman, TCU
  • DB - Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith, UTEP

Second-team specialists

  • K - Thomas Morstead, SMU
  • P - Thurman Spencer, North Texas
  • RET - Jeremy Kerley, TCU

Speciality 2008 winners

  • Player of the Year - Colt McCoy, Texas
  • Defensive Player of the Year - Brian Orakpo, Texas
  • Best passer - Graham Harrell, Texas Tech
  • Best runner - Bryce Beall, Houston
  • Best lineman - Jason Smith, Baylor
  • Best receiver - Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
  • Best lineman - Jerry Hughes, TCU
  • Best linebacker - Joe Pawelek, Baylor
  • Best defensive back - Darcel McBath, Texas Tech

Tim's mailbag: Why the early love for OSU next season?

December, 19, 2008

Posted by's Tim Griffin

Here are a few letters that I've received in the last several days. I don't have a Christmas card for everybody, but how about a few honest answers?

Drew from St. Louis writes: Tim, I know Texas is your early favorite for next year but I think Oklahoma will have the best defense in the Big 12. They return nine starters including their D-line and two All-American caliber linebackers in Travis Lewis and Ryan Reynolds. I think it all rests on Sam Bradford returning.

Tim Griffin: Let's not assume that you can immediately plug Reynolds back into the starting lineup as he will be recovering from knee surgery. He's shown great recuperative powers in the past, but we can't assume anything. And the Sooners will lose safeties Nic Harris and Lendy Holmes, who both will be difficult to replace.

But I agree with you that the Sooners' hopes of repeating will hinge greatly on whether Bradford returns or stays in school.

Also, I think that Oklahoma State will be a contender with most of its offensive weapons coming back. The South Division will be extremely competitive again next year and I think that Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are my early favorites for the top three positions.

I think the Cowboys' unexpected charge into South contention has helped build some confidence in players like Zac Robinson, Kendall Hunter and Dez Bryant. Next season, I think the Cowboys are going to expect to be in contention, rather than just happy to be included.

Steve from Norman, Okla., writes: I've watched every OU game for 5 years and attend practices as well and also coach 6A football here in Oklahoma. Lendy Holmes is not even the best safety on his team. Nic Harris will be a pro and also has had a little better year than Holmes.

Tim Griffin: Obviously, Steve, my only point of reference I could employ for my All-Big 12 teams were the Oklahoma games I actually have seen. None of us media types have the insight that we could have gleaned by watching practice.

It was a tough decision between Holmes and Harris for me. In the end I picked Holmes because he played every game at defensive back and wasn't switched to linebacker for one game like Harris was. And I also gave Holmes an edge because he produced eight turnovers (five interceptions, three fumble recoveries) while Harris had one fumble recovery. Where they will be playing in the pros had no relevance in picking my team from this year.

Jordon Olson from Durant, Okla., writes: Hey Mr. Griffin, First of all I love the blog. But why did you put A & M's Justin Brantly as your All Big-12 punter when OSU's Matt Fodge won the Ray Guy Award? With all due respect to Justin, I'm sure he is also a great punter.

Tim Griffin: Oklahoma State did lead the conference in net punting, but the biggest reason were the return yards that Texas A&M gave up in comparsion with other teams in the conference -- much like the defensive struggles that bedeviled the Aggies all season. I thought Brantly was a tad better than Fodge, despite having to kick much more often. His gross average was about one yard per kick better. And that's ultimately why I chose him.

Steve from Braymer, Mo. writes: I don't understand why the Holiday Bowl and Alamo Bowl pick their Big 12 teams ahead of the Gator Bowl. The Gator Bowl pays more money, and is a New Year's Day bowl . New Year's Day bowls have always been considered the more prestigious bowl games and who doesn't want more money? Can you explain this please?

Tim Griffin: The Gator Bowl's contract with the Big 12 enables it to pluck a team from the conference twice in a four-year period. It's a shared pick with the Big East and would give them access to a Big East team or Notre Dame when they don't pick from the Big 12.

The Gator Bowl is considered more prestigious only from a historical bent, in my opinion. And I've got to think the chance to play a game in either San Diego or San Antonio is just as attractive as playing in Jacksonville. And the appeal for many schools of playing as the only game on their particular night - like Missouri in the Alamo Bowl - is even more attractive than getting lost on New Year's Day among a jumble of games.

The Gator Bowl's contract enables it to get the fourth pick among Big 12 teams twice in a four-season period. It picks after the Holiday Bowl and before the Alamo Bowl. And it did have a caveat in its contract where it could have even jumped ahead of the Holiday Bowl in a season where the Big 12 only had one team in the BCS.

The Gator now has taken two teams from the Big 12 in back-to-back years with Texas Tech and Nebraska. It means they will not pick from the Big 12's pool of teams next season.

Ryan from Round Rock, Texas, writes: Tim, Why does everyone fawn over Josh Freeman? I know he has prototypical size for a QB, but he's maddeningly inconsistent. He's Chris Simms, except in a purple uniform. If I were Bill Snyder, I'd make him Kerry Meier 2.0 and put in a signal caller than can really read defenses.

Tim Griffin: The scouts I talk to all love Freeman's size and arm and his ability to move in and outside the pocket, but like you aren't enthralled with his consistency. I think he would do better to return to school, but I think some NFL team will make him a first-day selection if he was to declare.

And with all of the talk about the upcoming rookie salary scale, I think we'll probably see more players than ever declare for the draft this season.

Brian from Washington, D.C., writes: Five Texas posts in a row, Tim? You have done a great job all year long being unbiased. Don't fail me now and turn it into a Longhorn blog.

Tim Griffin: Brian, I appreciate your concern about the slant of my blog. I had a lot of Texas posts yesterday afternoon after spending the day with the Longhorns at their pre-bowl media availability. I'll chip in with some stuff from Oklahoma early next week as the Sooners conduct a similar press gathering before they break for the holidays.

Again, thanks for all of the questions and we'll do this again next week.

Seven Sooners head's All-Big 12 team

December, 10, 2008

Posted by's Tim Griffin

Here are the choices for my All-Big 12 team for the 2008 season.

QB - Colt McCoy, Texas
RB - Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State
RB - DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
WR - Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
WR - Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
TE - Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
OL - Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
OL - Jason Smith, Baylor
OL - Rylan Reed, Texas Tech
OL - Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
C - Jon Cooper, Oklahoma

DL - Brian Orkapo, Texas
DL - Brandon Williams, Texas Tech
DL - Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
DL - Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma
LB - Joe Pawelek, Baylor
LB - Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
LB - Travis Lewis, Oklahoma
DB - Darcel McBath, Texas Tech
DB - Darrell Stuckey, Kansas
DB - Lendy Holmes, Oklahoma
DB - Daniel Charbonnet, Texas Tech

AP - Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

KR - Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State
PR - Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
K- Jeff Wolfert, Missouri
P- Justin Brantley, Texas A&M

Big 12 all-conference team dotted by playmakers

August, 26, 2008

Posted by's Tim Griffin

The Big 12 featured its top collection of talent last season with eight conference players selected to consensus All-America teams. It might be even more pronounced this season with another strong cast back.

Here's my list for all-conference players before the season:


QB: Chase Daniel, Missouri
RB: Marlon Lucky, Nebraska
RB: DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
WR: Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
WR: Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
TE: Chase Coffman, Missouri
T: Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma
T: Ryan Miller, Colorado
G: Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
G: Louis Vasquez, Texas Tech
C: Jon Cooper, Oklahoma
K: Jeff Wolfert, Missouri
KR: DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma


DE: Auston English, Oklahoma
DT: George Hypolite, Colorado
DT: Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
DE: Ian Campbell, Kansas State
LB: Mike Rivera, Kansas
LB: Joe Mortensen, Kansas
LB: Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
CB: Chris Harris, Kansas
CB: Jamar Wall, Texas Tech
S: William Moore, Missouri
S: Nic Harris, Oklahoma
P: Justin Brantly, Texas A&M
PR: Jeremy Maclin, Missouri