Big 12: Kevin Oliver

Tommy Tuberville apologized for his actions in a sideline incident in Saturday's win over Kansas, and Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby says the league is conducting a review.

From our news story:
Tuberville ripped the headset off graduate assistant Kevin Oliver.

Bowlsby was asked if the league would review the sideline altercation, and he said they were "engaged."

Bowlsby, who was in the BCS meetings Monday, said he wanted to see Tuberville's interview with the media Monday, where he appeared contrite.

Tuberville addressed the incident in his opening statement at his weekly news gathering in advance of Saturday's game against Oklahoma State.

"After watching the film when I got home, it was obvious what a lot of people were upset about. It upset me too. You don't do things like that, and it was obvious I reached up, grabbed his headset and pulled on it," Tuberville told reporters. "Heat of the battle, some things happen, and sometimes you'd like to take back. I can't remember anything like that happening to me. But that was a tough game. We're fighting hard. I've apologized to Kevin. We talked. Of course, we talked 30 seconds after that for the rest of the game, because I talk to him more on the head set than I do anybody else because he helps me chart special teams. ... I've got to hold myself to a higher regard than that, and I usually do."

Tuberville, though, adamantly disputed reports that he "slapped" or "hit" Oliver. He characterized those assertions as "dead wrong."

"I'm a little bit disappointed that most of you in here know me. I think you know me a lot better than that. I can understand somebody in L.A. or California doing it and making some kind of statement like that by watching the film, but I never thought about it in 35 years," Tuberville said. "Never dreamed of hitting anybody and never have. So we'll just leave it at that. That's also disappointing to me that that would be written here in this town, but we'll get on with it."

Tuberville refused to discuss his original explanation that he meant to reach for Oliver's shoulder and intended to get him off the field.

"We're not going to talk about that anymore," Tuberville said to close the press conference. "No more, no more, no more."

Tuberville's tone this week helps him out a lot more than his explanation on Saturday. I don't necessarily think Tuberville deserves a suspension, but I also don't think he has much of a case if the Big 12 decides to hand one down.

He's apologized. He's said his piece. The situation's in the Big 12 and Tuberville's bosses' hands now. There's not much else Tuberville can do besides accept whatever punishment (or lack thereof) awaits.

Tuberville explains sideline incident

November, 10, 2012
Tommy Tuberville says he was trying to get an assistant coach off the field when he snatched an assistant coach's headset.

According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal's Don Williams, Tuberville explained the incident with graduate assistant Kevin Oliver like so:
"He was on the field, and I reached to grab him and pull him off. When I pulled, I missed his shirt and I grabbed his (headset) and his microphone ripped off his head. I was trying to get him off the field. "He's out on the field, and we're trying to get him off. I missed his shoulder, and grabbed his ... . It wasn't anything to it."

I really don't buy that explanation. Tuberville's swipe was close to the assistant coach's shirt, but why would he be trying to take the assistant off the field? There was no rush during the delay in play. Tuberville was clearly angry about a pair of penalties on the possession, but he didn't look at all like he was hoping to take the assistant off the field. Other players who weren't on the personnel grouping sent out for the field goal were further on the field of play than the assistant.

I don't believe Tuberville's actions should result in much more than a reprimand or maybe a fine, but his explanation doesn't make sense and doesn't fit what's on video.