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Has Leach's relationship with Gerald Myers been broken?

February, 19, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

An interesting sidelight following the settlement of Mike Leach's contract impasse will be his relationship with Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers.

The two were involved in contentious negotiations that weren't settled until Tech chancellor Kent Hance and Leach conducted one-on-one, 11th-hour negotiations Thursday afternoon.

"To put it mildly this has been a tough negotiation," Myers said. "It's been a tough time. It's good to get it behind us. It's done and we're pleased."

The dialogue didn't pick up until Myers and Leach's agents were left out of the bargaining.

"I said that I wanted Mike to be our coach," Myers said. "That got lost with the rhetoric and specifics of the negotiating process. But I never wavered on that point. I'm excited about our football team."

But it's clear that Leach has seldom been on the same page as Myers, a former basketball coach at the school who still holds the school record with 326 career victories.

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