Chase Daniel only 102nd in value among Super Bowl teams?

There was an interesting story over the weekend on ESPN.com, where the Scouts Inc. talent evaluators looked at both Super Bowl teams and ranked them from 1 through 106 in terms of talent.

It's no surprise that Peyton Manning checked in at No. 1. But some of the other players might have been surprising.

Most notable was former Missouri and current New Orleans quarterback Chase Daniel, who was one of the most storied players in Big 12 history as he twice led Missouri to the Big 12 championship game.

Even with that pedigree, Daniel's value diminished greatly once he hit the NFL. In fact, at No. 102, he's the Big 12 alumni who has the lowest value among Super Bowl participants, according to the survey.

There's no surprise that Peyton Manning is No. 1 or that Drew Brees is second. Carl Nicks, the starting guard for New Orleans from Nebraska is ranked 13th, the highest-ranked Big 12 product in the game. And Melvin Bullitt, Indianapolis' starting strong safety, is the highest-ranked Big 12 alumni on the Colts at No. 18.

Here's a list of the former Big 12 players who are on the rosters of the Super Bowl teams. Their playing status is based on the most recent team depth chart released by NFL.com.



  • G Carl Nicks (Nebraska), starter, No. 13.

  • OLB Scott Shanle (Nebraska), starter, No. 38.

  • TE David Thomas (Texas), backup, No. 52.

  • K Garrett Hartley (Oklahoma), starter, No. 58.

  • DT Remi Ayodele (Oklahoma), starter, No. 80.

  • C Nick Leckley (Kansas State), backup, No. 86.

  • QB Chase Daniel (Missouri), backup, No. 102.

  • T Jammal Brown (Oklahoma), injured reserve, no ranking.

  • TE Dan Campbell (Texas A&M), injured reserve, no ranking.

  • MLB Mark Simoneau (Kansas State), injured reserve, no ranking.

  • WR D'Juan Woods (Oklahoma State), injured reserve, no ranking.

The listing of players was pretty interesting. I'm guilty of not following the players quite as closely once they got to the NFL.

But I'm still stunned about Daniel's lack of value, even if he is a third-string quarterback for the Saints.