Former Tech RB arrested in bizarre incident

Former Texas Tech running back Ronnie Daniels showed some promise in his first season in Lubbock, but was dismissed in March 2012 after multiple team rules violations.

His fall away from that career continued with a recent arrest that's among the most bizarre I've ever heard. He was found naked in a woman's home in Albuquerque. I'll just let KOAT in Albuquerque explain the details:

The mother and her daughters found Daniels after returning home from church camp. Police said she screamed for him to put his clothes on and get out after finding him naked in the bathroom.

Daniels told police he felt comfortable, as though he belonged, went upstairs to take a bath, put on the radio, put his clothes in the hamper and he used their electric razor, according to court documents.

The mother said Daniels tried convincing her he lives there and they have children together. As soon as she mentioned the police, she said he took off running down the street getting chased by the dog. She added Daniels tried to scale a wall before officials caught and arrested him.

He's facing burglary charges now.

I can't feel anything but sad at the latest downward twist in Daniels' story. These circumstances are obviously going to inspire laughter for some, but there's clearly something serious wrong, and as much as I hate to see talent go unfulfilled, it's clear Daniels needs some help somehow.

KOAT reported he's living with his grandfather now, and recent attempts to restart his career at San Diego State flamed out. Daniels is widely considered one of the greatest players in New Mexico high school football history after logging more than 7,000 career rushing yards and 106 touchdowns at La Cuerva in Albuquerque.

I don't know what inspires someone to walk into a random home and take a bath, but I know it's a sign of someone who's not in a productive place. When you see how far Daniels has fallen since his college career had barely gotten off the ground, it's hard to muster up anything more than a shake of the head and hopes he can turn his life around before he gets into more serious trouble.