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My Big 12 media day musings

July, 31, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

The Big 12 media days are always one of my favorite events to cover every year. It's a great way to get excited about the upcoming season, and I can guarantee I came out of the festivities with that feeling after talking to all of the players and coaches.

It's always fun to see everybody. After having a day or so to decompress, I came away from it with a few observations I'd like to share with you.

  • Not only are the Oklahoma Sooners the three-time defending Big 12 champions, but they also were easily the most impressive looking athletes I saw during my time at the media days. And the most impressive was Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, who looked like he added about 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason.

As I walked past him, I could have sworn that Bradford was bigger, stronger and better cut muscularly than many of the linebackers I saw during the week.

But Jermaine Gresham and Gerald McCoy weren't far behind. It looks like Sooners strength and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt's work has paid off over the past few months.

  • It used to be that these media days were kind of semi-formal affairs. I remember that many teams came dressed to the nines when they arrived.

The only team that came dressed in their coats and ties were the Kansas State Wildcats. They might reconsider in the future -- or at least let the players show a little originality and not come dressed in the same suits with the Powercat logo on the chest.

  • It wasn't a surprise that the biggest throngs of media representatives followed Colt McCoy and Bradford. But coming close to them was a surprise. Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin almost had the same kind of elbow-to-elbow jostling that the other two South Division rivals had.

And if McCoy graduates and Bradford leaves for the NFL after his junior season, Griffin could have these proceedings to himself next year.

  • It's hard to imagine too many better interviews than Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

Take his explanation for why the Tigers were blown out last season at Texas.

"I was so geeked-up when we played Texas that I didn't catch my breath until the second half," Weatherspoon said. "When I play against guys that I grew up [with], it puts more emphases on that game."

Also, give Weatherspoon credit for his candor when asked about the Tigers' roster last season.

"We had six guys get drafted last year and we could have had more than six," Weatherspoon said. "I'll put my teammates up against anybody."

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