Big 12 roundtable: More on uniforms


Earlier today, I weighed in on the best and worst uniform combinations in the league. In this week's Big 12 roundtable, Brandon Chatmon and Max Olson offer their thoughts:

Who has the best traditional uniform?

Brandon Chatmon: I’m a fan of Texas' traditional home uniform, it’s a classic. What’s not to like about the burnt Orange jersey with the white helmet and pants that have been worn by some of college football’s best? Texas' home uniform is immediately recognizable nationwide and has been one of college football’s best looks for years.

Max Olson: I have to agree with Brandon, though I think Texas' white road uniforms are the answer. Texas coaches have every right to say they will never change the uniforms. They're untouchable. The all-white look from the helmet all the way down to the socks and shoes is as clean a look as you'll find in college football. Last year, they introduced the white helmet with a metallic orange sticker, which was a sharp spin on the classic. Makes sense, too, since that is about all I'd be willing to change on this uni.

Who has the best alternate?

Chatmon: Baylor’s all-black look is hard to beat. Those uniforms are clean, menacing and hard to match. The gold numbers pop surrounded by the all black jersey and the simple gold BU on the helmet makes for a terrific look. Those uniforms are top notch.

Olson: Gray uniforms, when done correctly, can end up being really cool. That's been an overly used trend in college football -- West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Kansas have already tried it and Baylor will this fall -- but I think TCU captured what makes them so slick with their anthracite gray jersey. That look is hard to beat when combined with TCU's chrome purple helmet and purple pants. I hope the Horned Frogs don't completely ditch that option in favor of their new gray "Mach Speed" uniform this season.

Who has the best helmet?

Chatmon: TCU’s purple chrome helmets are second to none. They can mix and match with any of the Horned Frogs uniform combinations and look good. Paired with TCU’s home black jerseys, they really make that combination one of the Big 12’s best. Led by these purple chrome lids, the Horned Frogs uniforms tend to get overlooked, but they are some of the best in the Big 12.

Olson: I'm a sucker for chrome and matte helmets, and there's no doubt Baylor and TCU have done the best job of embracing those trends without going overboard. Baylor's chrome gold helmet is the winner for me because it pairs perfectly with the all-black uni and looks terrific with their more traditional green-and-green home uni too. Baylor tweaked the shade of the gold in 2014 to better match those threads, and the results were excellent.