Big 12 Tuesday mailbag: How to use William Crest, Tech's QB battle

In Tuesday's mailbag we discuss West Virginia's use of William Crest, Kansas vision for bowl eligibility and naming Texas Tech's starting quarterback. As always thanks for your questions. To submit questions for next week's mailbag, click here.

Zachary Naegele in Yosemite writes: With West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen experimenting with William Crest at different positions, do you think he will utilize Crest's quarterback skills even when he's not playing the position? Do you expect to see any awesome trick plays from the Mountaineers taking advantage of the fact they'll essentially have two quarterbacks on the field?

Brandon Chatmon: Yes and yes. It’s going to be fun to watch the ways Holgorsen uses Crest. He can excel at a bunch of different positions while still providing a legit option under center. I’m sure WVU will have a play or two that involves Crest lining up at a different position but throwing the football. And I’m sure that’s just the beginning of the creative ways to use the redshirt freshman.

D. Rock in Charleston, West Virginia, writes: If TCU became a playoff level team in the top six of the nation with Trevone Boykin, who used to play a utility role, why would WVU wait on William Crest to become their quarterback?

Chatmon: Turnovers. With a veteran defense that could shoulder the load at times in the fall, Holgorsen and WVU need to be wary about allowing offensive mistakes to change games. Skyler Howard did a terrific job of taking care of the ball during his final stretch as the main guy in 2014 and appears to be improving. There’s no reason to hand the ball to Crest and hope for the best with Howard as a legit option. I think using both is the right move in 2015.

Russ in Marlton, New Jersey, writes: Will Iowa State lose to FCS Northern Iowa again and if they do can coach Paul Rhoads be fired before getting off the field? Clones need to win first five games on schedule for him to keep his job.

Chatmon: Russ isn’t playing around, folks. I don’t think the Cyclones will lose again but if they do it could push Rhoads further onto the hot seat. The question is who can ISU find that can do better? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but be careful what you wish for as Rhoads uniquely understands what it takes to have some success in Ames, Iowa.

Jeffrey Sondag in Minneapolis writes: How many years is Kansas away from making a bowl game?

Chatmon: I’d say new KU coach David Beaty should be looking at Year 3 as a target year. At that point he will start to have his recruits rising to the top of the depth chart and the inevitable ups-and-downs of being a head coach should be in his rearview mirror. It’s not going to be easy though.

rtXC in Denison, Texas, writes: Now that we know a 13th game is almost a must have, why not start a petition to allow a 13th regular season game for teams in conferences without a championship game? This would be a better solution for both Big 12 than the "de-regulation" proposal, while also helping out the independents. If not, can we just add Hawaii to the conference and have them host the 10 current Big 12 teams every year?

Chatmon: I’m not sure about this idea, rtXC. I don’t think simply adding 13th game will do it. Unless, of course, it is a conference-mandated matchup with a Power 5 opponent. And even then, I’m not sure it would help as much as a Big 12 title game. And adding Hawaii doesn't do much for me. Good vacation spot, tough road trip.

Mahomes in Hub City, writes: Obviously I have shown I can put our team in position to win games and can protect the ball as well. Something Davis Webb has yet to do. Why hasn't Kliff Kingsbury named me the starter yet?

Chatmon: Well, Patrick, you haven’t been named the guy because competition is good. You also seem to be forgetting anything that happened before you stepped on campus. Webb led the Red Raiders to a win at West Virginia and over Arizona State in the bowl game in 2013. I personally think you will end up being the starter and performing well but I understand why Kingsbury isn’t ready to hand you the offense quite yet.

Eric in Smithfield, writes: Where do you see the Sooners finishing in the Big 12? Do you think they have a chance at a 10-win season after last years collapse?

Chatmon: I don’t see a 10-win season happening unless there’s a major jump forward at the quarterback position, so there's a chance but I'm not betting on it. I’m looking at a mid-Big 12 finish for OU until I see something that makes me think they will achieve more. The Sooners are talented but there’s a group of similarly talented teams in the Big 12 that are going to make a 10-win season and/or another Big 12 title a tough task.