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Cowboys' Robinson pressing on without Bryant, Hunter

October, 15, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

You might not recognize their names -- yet.
AP Photo/David J. Phillip
Zac Robinson threw for 279 yards and two touchdowns and ran for another score against A&M.

But Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson said his group of runners and receivers who have taken over in the absences of Dez Bryant and Kendall Hunter has played well so far.

The Cowboys’ makeshift rotation came up big in their 36-31 victory at Texas A&M last week. And they likely will use them again this week as Hunter shows no signs of immediate recovery from his foot injury and Bryant remains ensnared in his NCAA suspension.

“We have some other players and everybody is doing a little bit more,” Robinson said. “And the guys who are going out there are just getting a little bit better.”

Keith Toston emerged at running back, producing a game-high 130 rushing yards and adding two receptions for 74 yards. And a rotation of receivers headed by Hubert Anyiam, Dameron Fooks, Tracy Moore, Justin Blackmon and Wilson Youman combined for nine catches for 192 yards as they capably filled in for Bryant.

“Look around the league and there’s always something that’s going on,” Robinson said. “Coach Gundy always stressed that the next guy has to make the most of his opportunity to make plays. Our guys have embraced that and have the ability to step up. They feel good about where they are at and their opportunities.”

It was a traumatic week for Robinson and his family, even discounting the Cowboys’ football injury woes. His grandfather, Frank Robinson, passed away last week after being diagnosed with a brain tumor two months earlier. His grandson told him goodbye for the last time earlier in the week when he visited him at an Oklahoma City hospital.

Robinson paid tribute to him by wearing the words “Press On” written on his eye black strips at the A&M game.

“That was always a saying he had for my family,” Robinson said. “Every time I saw him, he would tell us to ‘Press on.’ That was my tribute to him.”

And much like their quarterback, the Cowboys are doing the same as they try to keep winning with the substitute skill-position players around him.

“That game was huge for us,” Robinson said. “Texas A&M is always a huge game for us and under the circumstances with his death and all of the injuries; it was good for us to get a big win. Our offense play well and we were excited to get the win. A lot of guys got more confidence. We feel good where we are at.”

Despite the heavy emotion, Robinson threw for 279 yards and two touchdowns and ran for another score in his personal tribute to his late grandfather.

"Believe it or not,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy told reporters after OSU’s victory, “there are a few more things more important than college football. Family is one of them.”

The Cowboys will attempt to build on that victory Saturday night against Missouri. An OSU win would keep the Cowboys undefeated in South Division play and keep the tam on pace with the Texas-Oklahoma winner as the divisional favorite.

Last season, Oklahoma State gained national credibility when they stunned then-No 3 Missouri in Columbia in a 28-23 upset.

That triumph helped catapult the Cowboys on a 7-0 start that saw them raise as high as No. 7 in the national polls.

“The Missouri game was huge for us,” Robinson said. “It jump-started our season and put us on the map of where we are now. Going up and winning that game was a huge confidence booster for the team. And it’s helped us out ever since.”

Gundy's media blackout doesn't appear to have helped OSU

September, 1, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

So much for Mike Gundy's media blackout allowing Oklahoma State to better focus as the team prepares for its huge opener against Georgia Saturday afternoon.

When Gundy announced the 10-day blackout, he said it was intended to increase the team's sharpness for a game that most observers are calling the most ballyhooed opener in the school's history.

But if that were the case, Gundy's plan appears to have failed after two negative headlines in the last 24 hours.

Cornerback Perrish Cox, the only returning starter in the Cowboys' secondary, was arrested Friday night on speeding charges. During the traffic stop, Stillwater police found that Cox was driving with a suspended license.

It's a misdemeanor, but it clearly can't help his focus as he prepares for the massive challenge of combating talented Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green.

I expect Cox to play Saturday. And who knows, the chance to see action against the Bulldogs might clear his mind after the past couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, starting tight end Jamal Mosley apparently won't be as fortunate after abruptly quitting the team Tuesday morning for "personal reasons."

It came only a few days after he was placed under a restraining order that was filed last week in Payne County, Okla., by a Stillwater woman.

Earlier, Mosley had been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in the same county, although he was considered to be in good standing with the team.

His loss could be critical, considering that Gundy and the Cowboys already are trying to fill the void left by Brandon Pettigrew, this year's first-round draft pick of the Detroit Lions.

The Cowboys could use Mosley's blocking and catching skills against the Bulldogs, but will have to go Wilson Youman.

Oklahoma State was relieved of any media responsibilities for about 10 days before ending on Monday.

"There was such demand taking up players' time, and I felt they were getting worn out," Gundy said. "So I thought I'd stop it until the week of the game to give the players a chance to not get caught up in answering the same questions all the time."

Still, the distractions of the huge approaching game concerned Gundy.

"I think our players are mature enough to practice well and stay focused,'' Gundy said. "But you always worry about that as a coach."

The actions of Cox and Mosley show why.