Highlights of Edsall chat

UConn coach Randy Edsall did a live chat on ESPN.com this afternoon. You can read the entire transcript here. But here are a few highlights:

Chris (Seattle): What's it going to take for the Huskies to beat UM in the Big House in the opener?

Randy Edsall: It's going to take a offense that will score points, a defense that will eliminate big plays against and control the spread offense of Michigan, and a special teams that will create field position and make some big plays for us as well.

Rodney (New York City): I know the schedule is set by the AD but is there a team outside of the Big East that you would like to start an annual series against?

Randy Edsall: Yes, Boston College. I think that us playing Boston College would be a great thing for northeast football, and one that could be a big hit. I would like to see that game played in Gillette Stadium, see the tickets split 50/50, and have some kind of trophy go to the winner of that game. I'm sure the World Wide Leader would love to put it on TV.

Matt (Brookfield): Coach, what's the status of Greg Lloyd's knee injury from last year? Will he be able to play this year, or will he redshirt?

Randy Edsall: Greg is progressing with his rehabilitation. I will make a decision after practice starts, in terms of what we will end up doing with Greg. If Greg would be able to play and know that he will not have any kind of issue, he will play, but if I feel it will be in our best interest to redshirt him, we'll go ahead and do so.

Hayden (Logan, Utah): what do you say to people who think the big east is weak?

Randy Edsall: I say, look at our non-conference schedule. Look at our bowl records over the last few years. From top to bottom, the Big East is as strong as any conference in the country, when you look at the eight teams and how competitive it is each and every week.

If you want more Edsall, check out this video clip of his interview today on "First Take."