The Big East's Mount Rushmore

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

We've listed our Mount Rushmore nominations for every team in the Big East the past few days. How about one for the league as a whole to wrap it all up?

All we need is a suitable mountainside in Providence. Here are my nominations:

Mike Tranghese: The only commissioner the league has known during its football era, Tranghese was instrumental in both bringing Big East football to life and keeping it together after the ACC raid.

• "The U": Nothing gave the league more instant credibility and attention in the beginning than Miami, which still has the Big East's only national titles. Instead of one player or coach from that program, we'll just carve a big 'U' next to the other three faces.

Pat White: The West Virginia quarterback may be given too much credit for single handedly "saving the league" by leading the Mountaineers to the 2006 Sugar Bowl victory. But no other player accomplished more in four years.

Donovan McNabb: A three-time offensive player of the year at Syracuse and the Big East's offensive player of the 1990s, McNabb also is probably the most recognizable league alumnus currently in the NFL.

Thoughts, disagreements or comments about this or any of my other Mount Rushmore picks? Send me an e-mail at the link under my picture and we'll discuss in the mailbag later this week.