Cincinnati tied at halftime at Fresno

For most of the first half, it felt like Cincinnati was dominating Fresno State.

Once Zach Collaros ran in for a touchdown in the second quarter, the Bearcats led 14-0 and Fresno State has just eight total yards. But Collaros took a big sack near his own end zone, and the Bulldogs capitalized with a touchdown. Collaros also fumbled late in the half, and Fresno took advantage of that with 16 seconds left.

As a result, a game that the Bearcats should have under control is instead 14-14 at halftime. And when you're playing on the road, that's a dangerous situation to be in.

The good news for Cincinnati is that its defense played extremely well when not pinned back in tough field position. The bad news is that Fresno State is getting all kinds of penetration against the Bearcats offensive line, causing Collaros to have to scramble often.

If Cincinnati loses this game, it will cap a brutal first week for the Big East.