Rutgers goes down to North Carolina

Well, it's now up to Cincinnati or West Virginia to get a win in this big, so far disappointing, nonconference week for the Big East.

Rutgers couldn't get it done against North Carolina despite taking a 10-0 lead early in the game at home. The Scarlet Knights' miserable offense -- my new nickname for it is Rutgers Mortis -- mustered only three more points the rest of the way. And the Scarlet Knights had a punt blocked, which has been one of their own specialties.

They had the ball late with a chance to take the lead, but Tom Savage was sacked to end the drive. Which seems appropriate enough.

Here's why this loss is particularly bad: Rutgers doesn't have any marquee games on its nonconference schedule, and it couldn't even beat the smoldering ashes of the Tar Heels program. This team has a chance to get better because it's so young, and its defense and special teams will keep it in conference games, but the résumé is going to be light no matter what happens.

Same can be said, so far, of the Big East.