Sound off on the Big East top 30 list

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Now that the top 30 list is finally complete, I want to hear more from you. Who didn't make the list who should have? Who did make it that shouldn't have? Who was too high? Too low?

Hit me with your thoughts in my mailbag, and we'll discuss this all next week. Any kind of list like this is going to be highly subjective -- how does one compare a safety to a left guard, for instance -- and sure to cause disagreement. That's also what makes it fun.

I'm sure most of you will ask, "Why wasn't (insert player name here) on the list?" The simple answer is going to be, I just didn't think he merited inclusion, based on the criteria of past college production, future college potential and NFL potential. That said, there are many players I struggled with leaving off, and here's a list of some of the toughest omissions, in no particular order and with comments where appropriate.

J.T. Thomas, LB, West Virginia: Consider him No. 31 on this list. I wrote and erased Thomas' name many times when I was formulating my list. If he plays like he did this spring, I think he's going to have a massive year at linebacker. But I just didn't feel that he has produced enough yet.

Kion Wilson, LB, South Florida: Another guy who I think will have a big 2009 as one of the keys to the Bulls' defense at middle linebacker. But again, he's got to do it first.

Tim Brown, WR, Rutgers: He's been a terrific complementary player in the past. I just need to see him take that next step and become a No. 1 guy.

Doug Beaumont, WR, Louisville: More productive than some of the other guys who made the list at wide receiver, but he still has no touchdowns. And his size is a concern for the NFL potential aspect.

Aaron Webster, S, Cincinnati: The big-hitting safety should be one of the leaders of the Bearcats' defense.

Greg Williams, LB, Pittsburgh

Jasper Howard, CB, Connecticut

I'm sure there are others I'm missing. And I'm sure you'll let me know who they are.