Big East rooting interests

Confused about what scenarios you should be rooting for to help your team win the Big East title? I'm here to clear some things up. Here's what each team should be hoping for this weekend:


The Panthers will be fine as long as they win out. Pitt would like to see UConn lose to Syracuse and West Virginia go down to Louisville, just in case.

South Florida

The Bulls want Connecticut to beat Syracuse since they lost to the Orange and get the Huskies at home in the finale. They'd also like to see West Virginia lose this week or sometime down the road.

West Virginia

The Mountaineers would like to see Syracuse and Connecticut move off the 5-2 line since they lost to both team. Since this is the last conference game for the Orange, they should root for UConn to win this weekend but lose one of its last two. It doesn't really matter whether USF or Pitt wins because West Virginia beat the Bulls and will have to beat Pitt next week to have a chance, anyway.


UConn just needs Pitt to lose to USF, West Virginia or Cincinnati. Then, if the Huskies win out, they'll win the conference title.


The Orange want Pitt to lose twice. If that happens and they beat UConn, they will win the league title no matter what. If Pitt loses just once, Syracuse still has a chance if there's a multi-way tie involving West Virginia or South Florida, both of whom they've beaten.

Louisville, Cincinnati and Rutgers

With three league losses, each of these teams needs mass chaos. They need Louisville to beat West Virginia, UConn to beat Syracuse, Pitt to lose twice and Pitt to lose to South Florida. Then they'd need West Virginia or Cincinnati to beat Pitt and UConn to lose to Cincinnati but beat USF so no one would have fewer than three losses.

Got all that?