New uniforms on the way at UConn

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Connecticut is set to unveil new football uniforms Tuesday afternoon in a news conference/fashion show.

The Huskies, embracing Randy Edsall's team-first approach, have not had player names on the back of their jerseys the past several seasons. And according to NESN.com's Rob Lunn, this year's uniforms will have even more of a throwback flavor. (Lunn has some good sources; he played on the defensive line last year for UConn).

"The new uniforms will be toned down even further: No more "Connecticut" on the front, or striping of any kind. Simply a solid white with blue numbers, or solid blue with white numbers: Think Penn State's timeless signature look."

So, since it's a slow Monday in June, I ask you what you think of that simple approach? And who has the best uniforms in the Big East?