If Cincinnati can almost do it ...

... then why not Connecticut?

UConn found out its BCS destination on Sunday night, and it's time for Huskies fans to break out the dip. Their team will be playing in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl against Big 12 champion Oklahoma.

Any BCS matchup would be seen as a stern test for the 8-4 Huskies, but this might be the best possible opponent. Yes, the Sooners are loaded with talent as usual, but they don't look as imposing as red-hot ACC champion Virginia Tech. (UConn coach Randy Edsall preferred to go to the Discover Orange Bowl because of the Jasper Howard connection; instead, Orange officials chose Stanford and its poor-traveling fan base to come all the way across the country instead of the more geographically-sensible Huskies. That's what you get when you're 8-4).

All UConn has to do for confidence is look at Oklahoma's 31-29 win at Cincinnati in September. The Bearcats really should have won that game but were killed, as they often were this season, by costly turnovers. Cincinnati finished 4-8 and won only two Big East games. The Huskies beat the Bearcats 38-17 two weeks ago. Comparative scores is a fool's game most of the time, but this shows that Oklahoma isn't unbeatable.

And remember the last time a Big East team played Oklahoma in a Fiesta Bowl game. Bill Stewart and the West Virginia Mountaineers rolled past the Sooners in January 2008. UConn's problem is it doesn't have the offensive firepower to match up with Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles and Demarco Murray. But Oklahoma has shown it is not invincible.