Big East vs. the ACC in bowls

The ACC is the league the Big East usually measures itself against. That league, after all, swiped three teams from the Big East, occupies much of the same geographic territory and provides most of the Big East's nonconference, BCS-level competition.

And the ACC is the most familiar bowl opponent, as two of the Big East's five non-BCS bowl tie-ins feature the ACC on the other side. So how has the Big East fared against the ACC in postseason? Let's take a look, using the 2004 season as our starting point since that's when the two leagues really became enemies because of the raid (Note: year listed is season, not when the bowl game was played):


Gator Bowl: Florida State 30, West Virginia 18

Champs Sports Bowl: Georgia Tech 51, Syracuse 14


Gator Bowl: Virginia Tech 35, Louisville 24

Meineke Car Care Bowl: NC State 14, South Florida 0


Gator Bowl: West Virginia 38, Georgia Tech 35

Orange Bowl: Louisville 24, Wake Forest 13


Meineke Car Care Bowl: Wake Forest 24, Connecticut 10


Meineke Car Care Bowl: West Virginia 31, North Carolina 30

Orange: Virginia Tech 20, Cincinnati 7

Papajohns.com Bowl: Rutgers 29, NC State 23


Meineke Car Care Bowl: Pitt 19, North Carolina 17

Gator Bowl: Florida State 33, West Virginia 21

Final tally: ACC 7, Big East 5.

Before doing this exercise, I actually thought the Big East's record would be better. But it's pretty close. The Big East has two more postseason shots at the ACC this week, with West Virginia playing NC State in the Champs Sports Bowl and South Florida taking on Clemson in the Meineke. Two Big East wins would even the score against its top league rival.