Big East lunchtime link: Trick shot QB

I won't lie to you: there isn't much out there in the way of links. This is a week where a lot of coaches are taking some downtime after signing day, and many of the outlets who cover the Big East are focusing on the basketball stretch run.

But I do have one great link for today that is an absolute must see. It's a YouTube video featuring Connecticut quarterback Johnny McEntee and his "trick shot" passing abilities. The video is ridiculously fun and high in production value, and some of McEntee's throws will leave you with your jaw open.

According to YouTube, it has already generated more than 15,000 hits since being posted late Tuesday afternoon. There's even a guest appearance -- and a couple of trick kicks -- from field-goal ace Dave Teggart.

Of course, the obvious question raised by this video is how McEntee, a redshirt junior, can be this accurate as a passer and yet never see the field. He has not thrown a pass in his career, while Connecticut's quarterbacks have struggled with accuracy the past two seasons. There is a lot more that goes into being a quarterback, though, than being able to toss a football into a garbage can from a catwalk.

If nothing else, McEntee might have a future as a viral video star. And he's the savior of today's lunchtime links.