Big East lunchtime links

  • The key to Villanova's bid to join the Big East may lie in school president Fr. Peter Donohue's hands, Mike Jensen writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer. A snippet from the story:

"All this needs to get done by June 1 to get the clock ticking toward full Big East membership in 2014. The idea isn't dead on June 2; it just would have to be pushed back a year. Nobody I talked to seems to even agree on how many current Big East football schools are against it. I talked to one person at a clear anti-'Nova school who suggested as many as six others were clearly against it in March, but none to the point that the proposal couldn't be improved and objections dropped. Another Big East administrator said it was more like a few leaning against, but none being over-my-dead-body against. Villanova probably can't get in unless six of the eight current football members sign off."