Adding up the preseason position rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

So all of the preseason position rankings are complete. I ranked quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, offensive and defensive lines, linebackers, defensive backs and special teams.

What does this tell us? Probably nothing. But for the fun of it, I assigned points for each ranking -- eight points for first, seven for second and so forth -- and added it all up to see which school might have the overall strongest team. Here's how that shakes out:

1. Pittsburgh (46 points)

2. West Virginia (45)

T-3. Cincinnati (42)

T-3. Rutgers (42)

5. Connecticut (40)

6. South Florida (38)

7. Louisville (22)

8. Syracuse (17)

Hmm. Would anybody be surprised to see the final conference standings resemble this? It makes sense, since I believe Pitt and West Virginia have the most overall talent, followed closely by Rutgers and Cincinnati. UConn's players are underrated, while a lot of South Florida's are young and unproven. And Louisville and Syracuse are a step behind the pack.

It's all in good fun. In a couple of days, we won't need any more preseason rankings or prognostications.