Big East mailblog

Welcome to your Friday mailblog. I wonder what people want to talk about. It has nothing to do with expansion, does it? Just joking. I will let Eric in Alexandria, Va., take it away for all those who asked about what the Texas A&M move means for the Big East:

Eric: Say Texas A&M leaves for the SEC and the expansion game begins anew. What is the best scenario for the Big East? Would it be adding Kansas, Kansas State, Mizzou, Maryland, BC, or any of the other combination of teams that might be available? Also, does a shift like this lead to a split between the football and basketball schools? Seeing as schools like Maryland, Kansas, K-State, or Mizzou would more then make up for the losses of Villanova, ND (wishful thinking, I know), and Georgetown.

Andrea Adelson: There are so many questions still out there that have to be answered before we can really guess about what is going to happen. If Texas A&M goes to the SEC, how far will the SEC go? Will it go to 13, 14 or 16 schools? That will have the biggest impact on what will happen. If the SEC goes to 14 or 16, dominoes are going to start falling across the landscape. Does that spur the Big Ten and Pac-12 into action? Can the Big 12 save itself by keeping Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State while adding teams from the Mountain West or Conference USA? Does the ACC or Big Ten try to raid the Big East? Does the Big East get proactive and try to bring in Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri? If the SEC adds a team like Florida State, for example, will it try to raid West Virginia? I wish I had answers to all these questions. Nobody does right now. So ultimately, I think we will have a better idea of what is going to happen once we know how many teams -- if any -- the SEC decides to add. I do think this is why the Big East has not done anything with expansion. It has got to sit back and see what happens. But you really have to hope the league is coming up with proactive scenarios in order to save itself. As for the hoops question, I do not see the Big East dropping Notre Dame, that is for sure. I have a hard time seeing a split right now because the league is such a strong hoops conference.

Wes Jarrell in Madison, W. Va., writes:I haven't heard much from Paul Tagliabue lately. Is he still involved with creating a Big East Network and is he working behind the scenes on a future BE TV contract? With his knowledge, he could be huge when the BE sits down with the networks for contract talks.

Adelson writes: Tagliabue is not currently consulting for the Big East. He would be available if needed, but not involved in what is happening with the league.

Edwin in New Jersey writes: Since [Dana] Holgorsen has been looking for another QB, how come he is not considering Coley White?

Adelson writes: Holgorsen ruled that out when Brian Athey left, saying he wasn't considering the move. If he can't find a third quarterback, that might be an option but it sounds as if that would be a last resort.

Mike in Morgantown, W. Va., writes: In light of Dana Holgorsen's recent comments on Geno Smith and his receivers, should Dana be calling out his players in such a public forum? Do think this will have a negative impact on the psyche of the players?

Adelson writes: You bring up a good question, Mike. I covered Steve Spurrier when I was in college, and he made a habit of calling out his players. He still does. The reason he does it is simple -- he thinks it motivates his players. If they hear he is unhappy in the press, then perhaps they will do something about it. Maybe Holgorsen falls into the same camp. But it did not sit well with Smith when he was asked to respond. Some players thrive on criticism; others need positive reinforcement. I trust Holgorsen to have the pulse of this team and to know what he thinks will work best to get his players going.