Practice report: USF

Every Big East team has wrapped up fall camp. So where does USF stand headed into the season? Here are a few lingering questions:

1. Revamped linebackers. The Bulls made a switch among their linebackers, moving Sam Barrington from the middle to the strong side, and promoting Mike Lanaris to the starter in the middle. DeDe Lattimore will start on the weak side. That gives USF its most experienced trio of linebacker starters, something that should most certainly help a revamped defensive line. If everybody stays healthy, this linebacker group could be the best in the league.

2. Offensive line. One of the biggest questions on offense has been getting three new starters on the offensive line ready to go. The Bulls did shift right guard Chaz Hine to center, making way for Danous Estenor to take over at right guard. Jeremiah Warren remains at left guard, with Quinterrius Eatmon and Mark Popek at the tackle spots. The backup offensive line has taken shape as well. The big test, of course, is opening on the road against Notre Dame. We will see how this unit handles the pressure.

3. Receivers. There is plenty of talent at receiver, but who is going to do what where? It seems as if the possibilities are endless with the crew the Bulls have coming back. Offensive coordinator Todd Fitch said Lindsey Lamar, Victor Marc and Joel Miller all have a chance to play slotback and tailback. Terrence Mitchell is going to be used more at receiver. Sterling Griffin has had a nice camp as he recovered from ankle surgery. True freshmen Andre Davis and Ruben Gonzalez also should play, giving USF plenty of options.