Big East in nonconference play

August, 30, 2011
There is no question the Big East needs to make a statement this year. Week 1 only offers one opportunity, when USF travels to play No. 16 Notre Dame. The rest of the Week 1 schedule has a bunch of duds, from a national perspective.

Home fans feel that way, too. Of the seven teams with home games this week, only West Virginia has sold out its game. That will happen when four teams play FCS opponents. Syracuse has had a hard time selling out its game against Wake Forest, a topic that has been hotly debated in Syracuse. Many fans were upset the game was moved to Thursday. Others wonder whether it is going to take more than one winning season to restore faith among the fans.

While there are not too many national games this week, it is worth going over the Big East nonconference schedule against AQ opponents for the season. Along with that, I am including nonconference records and league bowl records as we head into a new year.

Nonconference games vs. AQ opponents and independents:

Cincinnati: at Tennessee, NC State
Connecticut: at Vanderbilt, Iowa State
Louisville: at Kentucky, at North Carolina
Pitt: at Iowa, Utah, Notre Dame
Rutgers: at North Carolina, Navy, Army
Syracuse: Wake Forest, at USC
USF: at Notre Dame, Miami
West Virginia: at Maryland, LSU

Nonconference records, from 2006-10

SEC: 228-55 (.806)
Big East: 166-63 (.725)
Big 12: 201-78 (.720)
Big Ten: 179-78 (.696)
Pac-10: 115-67 (.632)
ACC: 175-106 (.623)
Mountain West: 117-88 (.571)
WAC: 104-108 (.491)
Conference USA: 104-165 (.387)
MAC: 85-195 (.304)
Sun Belt: 43-151 (.215)

Bowl records, 1998-2010

Mountain West: 29-17 (.630)
Big East: 40-25 (.615)
SEC: 61-44 (.581)
Pac-10: 35-36 (.493)
Big 12: 48-50 (.490)
ACC: 43-47 (.478)
Big Ten: 41-48 (.461)
WAC: 21-26 (.447)
Sun Belt: 7-9 (.438)
MAC: 15-22 (.405)
Conference USA: 25-39 (.391)



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