Power Rankings: Where is the Big East?

The first edition of the 2011 ESPN conference Power Rankings is out, and Big East fans are probably not going to like the results. The league sits at No. 7 after Week 2, just behind the Mountain West.

Of course, that is a move up from the final Power Rankings of 2010, when the Big East was ranked No. 8, behind the WAC, Mountain West and ACC.

ESPN Stats & Information compiles the rankings using a formula that equally weighs the rankings from the AP Poll and a compilation of available BCS computer rankings. You will see a big discrepancy between the AP rank and the computer rank, though. The Big East is at No. 7 in the AP rank and No. 4 in the computer ranking and has made significant gains since last season.

No doubt a 4-4 record in Week 2 did not help matters. But with five games this week against teams from each of the other five AQ conferences, the league certainly has a chance to make up some ground. The Big East is a little over 13 points away from the ACC in the current rankings.