Big East presidents to meet

Big East presidents are set to meet this weekend to discuss the future of the conference. Will they all pledge their loyalty to each other?

UConn president Susan Herbst will be there, after skipping the meeting of remaining conference members last week. Herbst told The Associated Press in an email:

"Big East presidents have been engaged in frequent communication by phone or in person," she said. "We're committed together to make the Big East work, to make it stronger in spite of the announcement that Syracuse and Pittsburgh will leave to go to the ACC."

That statement comes a few days after Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy said UConn had expressed interest in joining the ACC. Malloy added he did not think there was a timetable for future ACC expansion.

Of course, Louisville, TCU and West Virginia have all been mentioned as potential Big 12 candidates, so the Big East has got to know who it has sticking in the league before it can make any decisions about its future.