Cincinnati moves into BCS Top 25

Cincinnati moved into the BCS standings for the first time this season, debuting at No. 23 off its 7-1 start to the season. West Virginia, which had been the only Big East team in the standings this season, dropped out after losing its third game of the season.

The Bearcats are ranked No. 18 in the coaches' poll and No. 22 in the Harris poll, but their computer average is 24. They do not even have a ranking in two of the computer polls that are used to compile the standings.

What the Big East really needs is for its BCS representative to be ranked in the final standings, in order to avoid what happened with UConn last season. There is perhaps even more of an eye on how the Big East does this year because of the membership changes ahead for the conference, and it would just help national perception if it had a ranked team in the BCS.