Looking back: Preseason predictions

I hold myself accountable for everything I write, even if it means looking back at some cringe-worthy preseason predictions. One of these is sure to make you fall out of your chair laughing. You might even cry. What am I talking about, you ask? Let us take a look back at my five preseason predictions to see how I did:

1. West Virginia wins the conference. Check! I was right on this one, though I neglected to predict that Cincinnati and Louisville would also win the conference. But hey, West Virginia is the BCS rep and that is how I saw the season go down back in August. I was one win off my prediction of 10 victories for the Mountaineers.

2. The Big East will have two ranked teams at the end of the season. This one is partially true. The coaches have West Virginia and Cincinnati ranked; West Virginia is the only Big East team ranked in the BCS standings and AP poll. My pick: West Virginia and Pitt. Commence laughing. But it gets better ...

3. Three quarterbacks will throw for 3,000 or more yards. Wrong. Only Geno Smith threw for 3,000 yards. He was one of my three picks. The other two -- Zach Collaros and ... I can hardly bring myself to type this ... Tino Sunseri. You are looking at one gal who was completely snowed on the high-octane offense from traveling used car salesman Todd Graham. I guess the silver lining is that I was so snowed, I have enough to make a white Christmas in Florida!

4. Smith will be offensive player of the year, and Pitt DE/LB Brandon Lindsey will be defensive player of the year. Wrong aain, Red. Well, I still maintain Smith should have been offensive player of the year over Isaiah Pead. Lindsey was inconsistent all season as he switched between end and linebacker, but he did finish the season on a high note. Khaseem Greene and Derek Wolfe were not even on my preseason radar.

5. Predicted order of finish:

1. West Virginia

2. Pitt

3. USF

4. Cincinnati

4. Louisville

4. Syracuse

7. UConn

8. Rutgers

This looks pretty atrocious, doesn't it? West Virginia, Cincinnati and Louisville all finished in the top half of the conference; UConn finished in the bottom half, so I was sorta right there. I was spectacularly wrong on Rutgers, USF and Syracuse.

As for my preseason bowl projections, I actually got two right on the money: West Virginia in the Orange and Louisville in the Belk Bowl. I also had Pitt and Cincinnati bowl eligible. I was totally wrong on USF, Syracuse, UConn and Rutgers.