Big East mailblog

Time for your final Big East mailblog of the week. The season might be over, but the mailbag is always open!

RPitman in Chandler, Ariz., writes: This is really old and rehashed news to all people in the Pac-12. Just because Mark May screamed wolf everybody at ESPN jumped on the bandwagon. What about Saban and the Dolphins, Rich Rod when he left West Virginia. Oh, a good one! John Cooper, when I asked him before the bowl game if he was staying at ASU and he said yes. At halftime they announced he had accepted a job at Ohio State. Andrea, compare Pittsburgh to Tempe and then you too will see the light. Did you forget to mention that [Todd] Graham was buying a lot in Phoenix, he vacationed here with his family every year, his in-laws lived close by and his AD at Pitt was almost run out of Lincoln Nebraska and is a total disaster? Keep working as a cub reporter and someday you may be offered a job in a major sports hub like Phoenix.

Adelson: No argument from me that the weather is much nicer in Arizona. I loved staying in Scottsdale when I covered the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago. But I do have to quibble with something you said -- just a quick look at some attendance numbers. The Coyotes rank last in the NHL in attendance. The Arizona Cardinals -- No. 28 in the NFL. The Diamondbacks -- No. 18 in MLB for a team that won their division. The Phoenix Suns rank No. 20. As for Graham, I appreciate your defense of him. I am not the only one who took a hammer to what he did. And I seem to recall Rich Rod taking an incredibly large amount of flak for what he did. He is still persona non grata in West Virginia. But there really is no defense for a coach who 1) leaves via text message through his operations guy and 2) hides behind his wife and children when it comes to explaining why he left.

Doug in Tampa writes: Question on USF's hire for defensive coordinator, Chris Cosh. What do you really think about it? I'm torn here. The talent should be better at USF than K-State, so he should have success (If secondary gets better and Skip keeps his hands off of it). However, I don't see him having better numbers than [Mark] Snyder, so want your take.

Adelson: From the outside, it seems like a good hire. He and Skip Holtz know each other, and he runs the same type of defense that USF runs. So those are benefits. But when you look at his career trajectory, he has been at a lot of different stops without an extended period as a defensive coordinator at one place. I know coaches move around, but it is a little concerning to me that he has been a defensive coordinator at five different FBS schools and had a max tenure of three to four years. I haven't studied his defenses much, so I am going to see how things go in the spring and what type of feel this defense has -- and I want to talk to him as well -- before I give a full assessment.

Nick Sheets in Cincinnati writes: I am a current Cincinnati fifth-year senior. I've been at the University through Brian Kelly's start to his leaving to Butch Jones' hard first year and through the end of this season. Four out of the last five years, Cincinnati has started the season unranked and ended it ranked. Is that ever going to change? Brian Kelly's first year as a coach he took us to 10-3 and the next two years were BCS bids. This year, we were a broken ankle away from a BCS bid (not saying we would have come back against WVU, but Rutgers would have been different). Any chance we'll actually get a preseason ranking for once?

Adelson: Not next year, Nick. Too many key players are leaving. Think about who is going -- Zach Collaros, both Big East players of the year on offense and defense, JK Schaffer -- who had more than 100 tackles in three straight seasons. Plus losing co-defensive coordinator Tim Banks could have an impact, depending on how Jones decides to handle the transition. I know there are a lot of programs that are simply expected to reload when losing so much talent and are still ranked in the preseason Top 25 when that happens. But Cincinnati is not there yet. Think about it -- Cincinnati is still in its infancy as a member of an FBS conference. So it is going to take a little bit more time for the perspective to change.

BIGPGM in N.J., writes: Hey Andrea, Could you ever see this series of events unfolding?? 1. Big East wins court battle keeping WVU in Big East 2. Big XII needs another team immediately to maintain 10 teams for scheduling and TV contract purposes. 3. Big XII picks up BYU or some other non-Big East team, and continues to have no interest in expanding past 10 teams. 4. WVU is forced to stay in the Big East, but realizes this may be for the best considering access and success in the BCS. 5. Big East renegotiates TV contract, which is comparable to ACC contract. 6. With new contract and new members, Syracuse and Pitt realize that life is not greener on the other side, and never make the jump to the ACC. 7. With so many teams, the Big East keeps its new additions minus UCF making it a 12 team football conference and 18 teams for Hoops. Big Division: Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU, Cincinnati, Louisville. East Division: Rutgers, UConn, Pitt, Syracuse, WVU, S. Florida 8. Big East and Big XII decide to have a conference affiliation similar to the recent Big Ten/Pac-12 agreement.

Adelson: In a word: no. But nice effort!