Big East replay numbers

My friends in Big 12and ACC country did a great blog post looking at the instant replay facts and figures in their respective conferences, so I figured I would do the same for the Big East.

You will recall early in the season when the Big East admitted its replay official made an errorwhen failing to overturn an extra point attempt by Syracuse kicker Ross Krautman against Toledo. The point ended up having an impact on the outcome of the game, which Syracuse won 33-30 in overtime. A firestorm erupted, and Toledo asked Syracuse to forfeit the victory. That didn't happen, but Big East officials were in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

The question I posed to the Big East is how instant replay fared over the course of the entire season. Here are the answers.

Games using review: 56

Plays reviewed: 115

The number of games interrupted because of replay was nearly the same as 2010 (117), but down from a high of 138 in 2009.

Plays overturned: 34 (29.6 percent)

That is the highest rate of plays being overturned since 2007, which saw 29.8 percent of plays reviewed overturned. Last year, 24.8 percent of plays were overturned.

Coaches' challenges: 14

This number is the highest dating back to 2007.

Coaches' challenges reversed: 3

This is great news for coaches, because of the 13 challenges in 2010 -- zero were reversed. So sometimes, it is worth it to take the gamble and ask for a replay.

Average Time of Review: 1:19

This number is also highest since 2007, when replay reviews took an average of 1:51. Last season, the average time was 1:16.

Replays per game: 1.85