Big East all-interview team

I would not be able to do my job without the help of coaches and players. My many interviews with them provided nearly all of the content you see on the blog. So with a nod to my friends over at the SEC blog, I present to you my Big East all-interview team. These are players who graciously gave me their time on numerous occasions, while also providing some really terrific insight into not only themselves but their teams as well.

Pitt defensive tackle Chas Alecxih. Talk about a straight shooter. I think he had the quote of the year when he said this about Michael Haywood to local reporters: "You should have seen our first meeting. He came in with a wrinkled suit, the worst suit I had ever seen. It looked like he had picked it up at Goodwill."

USF quarterback B.J. Daniels. As a three-year starter, Daniels knew the onus was on him this season to get better. I found him to be humble, but also accountable and always willing to answer the hard questions.

Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene. Not only did he emerge as the defensive player of the year in the Big East, he also got better with his interviews as the year went on.

Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones. I started building a relationship with him at Big East media day, when I pestered him about how much lobster he was going to eat. That carried on through the season, when he never hesitated to do an interview or help me out.

West Virginia defensive tackle Julian Miller. I found Miller to be one of the most candid players I interviewed this year, and one of the most genuine. I always came away from our interviews feeling smarter.

UConn linebacker Sio Moore. Moore gives interviews the same way he plays -- always passionate. I think he was one of the most introspective players I interviewed, never hesitating to say what he needed to do better to help the team.

Cincinnati linebacker JK Schaffer. If you read the blog, then you saw Schaffer was one of my go-to players this season because he told it like it was, never sugar coated, and was willing to discuss any topic.

Louisville defensive end Greg Scruggs. Every time I talked to him, he had something interesting to say. I was as surprised as most everybody when he found himself in trouble at the end of the season, but I give him a major amount of credit for issuing this apology.