Another look at Big East NFL prospects

ESPN NFL draft expert Todd McShay has broken down the top 100 prospects for the NFL draft into tiers, based on grades. Breakdowns like these are helpful for teams when they try to figure out when and how to draft a player and when trades come under consideration.

They also show depth at certain positions. Offensive tackle is lean this year; defensive tackle has plenty of depth.

Where do Big East players stack up?

Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones is listed in Tier 4. McShay describes players in this group as having the tools to be good value picks in the late first round. Jones has steadily moved up the mock drafts of both Mel Kiper and McShay. In the latest version, Kiper has Jones going at No. 18 to San Diego, while McShay has Jones listed at No. 22 on his overall list of the top 32 prospects heading into the draft.

UConn defensive tackle Kendall Reyes is listed in Tier 5 as a player with a good value should he drop out of Round 1. Kiper has Reyes out of the first round in his latest mock draft, going to Indianapolis with the second pick in the second round. Rather than having Reyes in his first round, Kiper now has Cincinnati defensive tackle Derek Wolfe going to New England at No. 31. Kiper and McShay differ wildly on their opinion of Wolfe.

McShay has Wolfe listed in Tier 6, as a player worthy of mid-to-late second-round consideration. Wolfe is listed as his No. 69 overall prospect.

Cincinnati running back Isaiah Pead is listed in Tier 7 as a solid third-round prospect.

The biggest snub is that of Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu, not listed among McShay's top 100 players. Kiper also does not have Sanu going in the first two rounds.

Look, we all know Sanu is not the fastest guy in the world. But I really hope the 40 time he ran at the combine is not sinking his stock. Sanu has plenty of size and is incredibly reliable. He will go across the middle and make tough catches. He can make acrobatic catches. He will work hard and do whatever is asked. He has no character issues at all. Any team that discounts him because he doesn't run a 4.3 40-yard dash is just plain missing out on what Sanu can add to any team.