Kyle Flood discusses offensive line moves

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- Rutgers coach Kyle Flood did some more switching along his offensive line during the spring.

His post-spring depth chart looked different from the one he released before practices started. Four players had been moved around, and there could be a few more tweaks once fall practice begins in August.

At the end of spring, here is where everybody is lined up: Betim Bujari, center; Taj Alexander, right guard; R.J. Dill, right tackle; Kaleb Johnson, left tackle. Antwan Lowery, left guard.

Flood discussed some of the changes he made, and why he made them, during the Big East spring meetings. Here is what he said:

"Betim at center was something we started doing during the spring. I really felt like when we tried to evaluate at the end of the spring and said, ‘OK, who are the five best payers right now?’ Betim was going to be one of them. Kaleb Johnson was going to be one of them. Those were the two definites. We felt like by the end of spring, R.J. Dill was one of them. He has a résumé, now we’ve seen it live, now he has a chance to acclimate himself in our system. It was a good process for him and for us. We have three pieces of the puzzle now. Where is the rest of the talent pool coming from? If R.J. is a right tackle, we don’t want to move him.

"The interesting thing is going to be on the left side. Right now, we have Kaleb at left tackle, Antwan at left guard, but (tackle) Andre Civil had a really good spring. You almost have a situation where if Andre emerges during training camp, Kaleb could play guard. If Antwan continues to emerge, then Kaleb would start at left tackle. We don’t want to flip Kaleb from left to right. We know he’s one of the five pieces. There’s no doubt about that. On the right side, we have a nice competition for that right guard spot. The last week of camp, we played Taj at guard, which was great. I think with a good plan during training camp he has a chance to do a nice job for us and we have David (Osei) there. We feel we’ve built some depth there. We could have a situation with eight to nine players who can help us win and play consistent football."

Has he ever had that type of depth at Rutgers?

"I don’t think I’ve had that," Flood said. "The best group we had was in 2006 and the same five guys started every game. We never had to find out how many we had. This might be the deepest group we’ve had. Now we have to see how good they can be."

Flood has been adamant that he does not want to continue to flip players, so he is hoping to make decisions early in camp and stick with them. It will help to have Johnson and Bujari at full strength.

"When we decide whatever five are going to start, I want to give them the opportunity to build some chemistry and build some consistency," Flood said. "That’s critical. All the good lines I’ve ever coached have been like that."