The year that was: Expansion madness

Introducing a new must-have for anybody who follows college football:

A conference realignment cheat sheet.

How else to follow the moves that have shaken the sport in the past year? Twenty-four schools have changed conferences since last May. Go back to 2010, and 32 football-playing schools have either moved conferences or gone independent. Four schools have changed conferences twice.

Rich tradition and intense rivalries have been trumped in favor of dollar signs, self-interest and gerrymandered geography. Expansion has impacted all 11 conferences on the FBS level, some more than others. In the past year alone:

The SEC has expanded into recruiting hotbed Texas with Texas A&M and added Missouri to get to 14 teams, further strengthening the league for the future.

The Big East has been gutted once again, and left with only two members that were in the league when it began play in 1991. One of them, Temple, was readmitted into the Big East in March after being kicked out in 2004 because of underperformance.

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