Your vote: Playoff impact on Big East

Playoff talk has dominated the headlines over the last week. As it concerns the Big East, there still is no way to truly know how a playoff impacts the league.

I put the question to you last week. Over 1,750 of you responded and nearly 60 percent think the Big East has worse access under a playoff system than with the BCS. It seems the idea of a selection committee really scares many Big East fans, simply because of the ingrained biases that may come with judging a team from a conference that has been a national punching bag.

Now let's hear what you had to say:

Chris in Louisville writes: I think that an undefeated Big East team stands a pretty good chance of getting a nod over a one-loss ACC team, but not a one-loss team from any of the other four power conferences. And an undefeated Big East team may not even get in over a two-loss team from the SEC, or perhaps even the Big 12. In other words: the only way a team from the Big East is going to make a four-team playoff is if they go undefeated, AND there are no more than three undefeated OR one-loss teams OR strong two-loss teams from the combined power-conferences. Highly unlikely.

Jon (CardsFanTX) in Dallas writes: Big Guns, I voted 'Not Sure' in your poll about the impact of the new playoff system on the Big East. The reason is simply that we don't know and may never know the exact criteria by which the selection committee will pick and choose. You can't tell me that some level of bias won't creep into their decisions. In the case of a Big East champ vs. a quality team from a power conference for a spot in the Final Four, I'm skeptical that enough committee members will be objective. If so, then I would vote for this helping the Big East (slightly) by dint of having four spots vs. two. If they do not prove capable of overcoming biases, then this will definitely hurt the Big East most years.

Freedomhall76 writes: Absolutely worse access, but not because of the playoff itself. Under the current system, the Big East has AQ status. Now we're outside of the "Big 5," and we're now viewed by the powers-that-be as no different as C-USA, the MAC or the Sun Belt. In theory, we have more avenues to the championship game, but in practice, we're going to need an undefeated team, AND hope that there are no more than three undefeated OR one-loss teams from the combined "Big 5." In fact, I'm not 100 percent sure that an undefeated Big East team would get in over a two-loss power-conference team.

PhiladelphiaProud writes: BE is in the unique position of being way better than C-USA, MWC, MAC, etc...but finds itself currently perceived worse than the ACC but in reality is on par or even better than the ACC. How that happens....a lack of leadership, unity, and identity. Lesson should be learned by the new BE leadership.

miketb31 writes: How can anyone say its worse?? Say Boise State goes undefeated beating quality teams like Houston, Cincinnati, Louisville, USF, etc. There is NO WAY they get left out. They made it up to the No. 4/5/6 ranking going undefeated against teams like Wyoming and garbage MWC teams. The Big East may not be a juggernaut, but it guarantees that Boise will play QUALITY teams week in and week out.

UConnCrazed writes: I would have said the same access if there wasn't a selection committee. A selection committee brings along with it all of the negative perception of the Big East and the power conference slant. It's going to be worse access because a one lose SEC team will always be picked over an undefeated Big East team.

socaligan writes: It's not the new playoff format that gives the BE worse access, it's just the perception of what the new BE has become. Which would be the same in any postseason scenario.

bryanbejar writes: The Big East sending in 4 loss teams that were garbage is what ultimately hurt the perception of the Big East. However, if we have an undefeated, conference champion, then that team is going to have a shot at the National Championship. It wasn't like that before, which in my opinion, is better. This means if my team goes undefeated now, then they will have a chance to be the Champions. If we expect for our Conference Champions to be selected as 1-2 loss or even 4 loss teams then yea this is not the best thing for the Big East, but who would that be good for?