Your vote: Big East champion

The preseason media poll is out, and Louisville was the overwhelming choice to win the Big East.

Do you all agree? I put the question to you in a poll last week, and more than 3,800 of you responded. Louisville did finish first in the voting, receiving 24 percent of the vote. The "other" category came in next with 23 percent, followed by Rutgers, Cincinnati and USF.

I am not surprised to see "other" up so high, simply because the Big East is so unpredictable. There is no one team that is miles ahead of the other, and I think just about everybody has a shot. I know a lot of you are on the Pitt bandwagon, so I am guessing a lot of the other vote went to the Panthers.

Now let's see what you had to say.

Bkdevil31: I think if Rutgers beats Arkansas, that would be a good sign that they will win the Big East.

b2smooth: I think Pitt is the wild card. They have the talent to run away with the conference, but it seems that way every year. The question is going to be how well the new coaching staff does with the talent they have there.

SteveUCF1: I voted for USF. It was hard, but I feel it's the right decision. It took about 10 minutes of staring at the submit button before I could click it.

green1us: Rutgers hands down will be the champs. Our offense will be on par with our defense. If the coach is true to his word about playing only one quarterback, our wide receivers will benefit. Brandon Coleman and Mark Harrison will remind fans of the days of Britt and Underwood 1,000 yard season together, and that only helps our running game. If this happens, Coleman might not last another year at Rutgers because the NFL will be calling. Can you say another first rounder from RU?

Mountaineer140: I went with Louisville. Based off of last year they seem to be the most balanced team this year as their defense is solid and their offense should be much better in Teddy's second year. I've got Cincy and Rutgers at their heels, though, with Pitt being the wild card as they are loaded with talent but with the new staff its hard to tell what we'll see from them.

steelcurtain41216: I think Louisville is the obvious choice and I say that as a Pitt fan. I think Pitt will find stability this year and as you said they are loaded with talent. Star rankings for recruits is, frankly meaningless, but since it's viewed as somewhat of a predictor of talent, I'll throw this out there. Assuming Cullen Christian starts at cornerback opposite K'Waun Williams, nine of Pitt's starting 11 will be former four-star or five-star recruits so the potential SHOULD be there. Again meaningless. the other two ( Williams and Andrew Taglianetti were two-stars but are very good players). The only issue is depth. There are some young safeties at Pitt that might move to linebacker and are very capable, which would help a lot and two freshmen plus a former o-lineman will be on the line. That plus Tyrone Ezell getting healthy and depth should be helped on the line as well.

McKayJC: I agree that UofL will be the favorite, with Cincy and Rutgers close behind (and maybe USF). I think Teddy's improvement will also stem from a more cohesive O-Line that returns almost everyone, and almost all have game experience. That should also equal an improved run game that will open up passing options. The largest question will be how well they handle the expectations and hype this year.

HarveyDiamond: As much as I like that the Rutgers trophy case is full of nerdy academic achievement awards, Rutgers football desperately needs a Big East trophy. RU football takes the Big East crown this year. GO KNIGHTS!!!!!

LaserGuidedBomb: Process of elimination. Definitely will not win the BE -- UCONN, Pitt, Cuse, and Temple. Must overcome serious obstacles -- Rutgers (new coach), USF (historical letdowns). Front runners -- Cincy and L'ville.

cc53194: If Temple wins the BE, I want AA to promise to have a cocktail with me.

Bearcat in Florida: UC, USF and UL will be in finish as the top three. Maybe as a tie?

Cusetown31544: Cuse is going to take the Big East this year no doubt. Lets go CUSE!!!

vick-mike: Why did I pick Temple to win the BIG EAST this year (other than being an alum/fan)? First, defense. Our DC, Chuck Heater, is a proven game day coach. We were No. 3 nationally in points allowed last year (granted, with a weak schedule, but No. 3 is still impressive) Second, special teams. Kickoffs, punts, returns and blocked kicks were all solid and will remain so this year. Third, offense. The key is keeping the offensive line healthy. If we do, Chris Coyer is a true dual threat QB, and we have three excellent RB's (Matt Brown, Jalen Fitzpatrick and Montel Harris). With defense and special teams, we will keep games close and pull out late wins.