Williams says he'll come back to Syracuse next year

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Here's a thought that's bound to make Syracuse fans giddy: The Big East's top receiver, Mike Williams, said he'll come back for his final year of eligibility next season.

"I’m really looking forward to coming back,” Williams told Donnie Webb of the Syracuse Post-Standard. “I’m not even going through that process right now of thinking about leaving or nothing.

"I have made that decision coming back. I think so. It'll be good for me because I sat out a year. All the problems I went through and stuff when I sat out, I feel like I really have to come back."

Williams, who sat out last year, is a senior in school but only a junior eligibility-wise. Whenever I talk to him, I get the sense that he's genuinely excited to be back at Syracuse and really enjoys it there.

But ...

Hey, it's October. Remember last year when LeSean McCoy insisted throughout November and December that he'd return for his junior year? McCoy spoke earnestly about loving the college life and wanting to build something special at Pitt. And we all know what happened in January.

You can't blame anybody for changing their minds when they see the dollar signs. So, enjoy the thought of Williams coming back, but don't take it as gospel until the NFL deadline for underclassmen to declare has passed.