Big East ahead of ACC in power rankings

You don't need ESPN Stats & Information to tell you the Big East is having a better season than the ACC.

Still, it has to feel good to see the league move ahead of its closest rival in the latest ESPN conference power rankings, unveiled Monday. For the first time all season, the Big East ranked No. 5 and is not far behind the No. 4 Big Ten. Only 0.9 points separates the two leagues.

Here is what the Stats & Information group wrote about the Big East this week:

If there is any question whether the Big East deserves to be ranked ahead of the ACC, consider their head-to-head records. The Big East is 4-3 in games against the ACC this season.

The Big East has three teams ranked in the AP Top 25 for first time since the final poll of the 2009 season. The ACC and Big Ten each have just two ranked teams.

Additionally, the Big East has three undefeated teams in Louisville, Cincinnati and Rutgers, the second most of any conference.

Hard to argue against the facts.

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings