Rutgers, Louisville unchanged in BCS

And then there were two.

An unchanged two.

Rutgers and Louisville remain the only undefeated Big East teams remaining, and the only two Big East teams ranked in the newest BCS standings. But they stayed put in the latest rankings over a week ago -- Rutgers at No. 15, and Louisville at No. 16. Both remain long-shots to get into the national championship game with an undefeated season.

That is evidenced by what happened this week. There was an opportunity to move up, with No. 13 West Virginia losing. But instead, Texas Tech (6-1) jumped three spots into No. 14 -- leapfrogging the two Big East teams, based on its superior computer strength. That strength is a direct result of playing in the Big 12 conference, and beating two ranked teams (West Virginia, TCU).

Rutgers' best win is over Arkansas, and that has contributed to its No. 11 ranking in the computer average. Louisville's best win is over North Carolina. The Scarlet Knights did open up more of a lead on the Cardinals, with a 0.0507 edge in the rankings, compared to a point differential of 0.0022 points last week.

Cincinnati, ranked No. 21 last week, moved out of the rankings following its loss to Toledo on Saturday night.