Bridgewater should be ready for Sugar Bowl

Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater should be healthy to play against Florida in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, now that he has about a month to rest and heal his broken wrist and sprained ankle.

"We've got to be smart on how we handle it, because we know his injuries and he'll need rest and how much rest it will depend on just our medical staff just telling us what we need to do with him day‑to‑day," Strong said on a Sugar Bowl teleconference Sunday night.

"You look at last week, we only had four days to prepare for Rutgers and we were able to get ready in four. We have enough weeks that we should be able to take our time. I know when we were preparing for Rutgers, it was around the clock. We don't have to be around the clock because of the preparation we'll be able to have, but also we need to get Teddy healthy, especially facing an outstanding team like Florida."

Bridgewater had a terrific game against Rutgers despite his injuries, leading a second-half comeback with two touchdown passes. When asked to reflect on the way Bridgewater played, Strong called it an "unbelievable performance."

"I look at college football and I know there's some athletic quarterbacks out there but I think wherever the best one is, I think Teddy should be linked there with them," Strong said.