Big East mailblog

During tournament commercial breaks, sneak a peak at the mailbag.

Dave in Fairborn, Ohio, writes: There has been a lot of talk about revenue splitting lately. Arguing over who should get what cut. An interesting take that no one has thought of, probably because the current Big East doesn't want to think about it is why not waive any future parting fees for the current members (Cincy, USF, UConn, and Temple) if they choose to leave in the future then do an equal split? This gives the current BE teams (mostly UConn and Cincy) a way out with out losing all the money from the Catholic 7 sale. In return the incoming members got an equal piece of the pie and it solves the revenue issue.

Andrea Adelson: Somehow, I doubt the Big East wants to set such a tone. That would essentially say -- you guys are free to leave whenever you please, just leave the light on for us!

Humbled Pie in Charleston, W.Va., writes: WVU fan here, asking: Can we PLEASE come back?!? This is getting ridiculous. We getting our butts handed to us in the Big 12. Our football team barely made a bowl last year (with our best class in decades by the way) and our basketball team has flat lined. It seems like we are losing in everything and I am just so sick of it. I regret now that my school left the Big East. The Big East was not the top, but it was a contender and in it we were winners. That is not the case anymore. Ubbs even wrote an article about how we were such a disappointment. And you know what? I completely agree. So, on behalf of West Virginia, I am sorry we left the Big East. I just wanted the readers of this blog to know that.

Adelson: I guess all those dollar bills are not keeping you warm at night. In all seriousness, West Virginia followed a path toward future relevancy. Year 1 was rough. Year 2 may be rough. But in the rapidly changing world of realignment, schools have made decisions to sacrifice wins and losses for stability and money. You have to give the change more than a year. That being said, you are quite brave for writing into your former home. Now be prepared for jokes and laughter from the peanut gallery.

Joel in Florida writes: Andrea, I realize the importance of TV markets, traditions, facilities and budgets along with conference affiliations. However, as with most current big time programs, such as a Florida State or even a Boise, didn't they along with Miami, have to prove, working with less, that they could not only compete, but beat more well known programs when they were in lesser known conferences? The point being, many national programs come from conferences similar to the new Big East. In the end, nothing helps your program more, than winning and winning in big games correct?

Adelson: Joel you do bring up a good point but college football today is vastly different from the days when Florida State and Miami earned respect as independents. The uneven money distribution is nowhere near where it was back in the 1980s. Neither are the uneven television contracts, which favor the big-time power conferences. Boise State has earned a measure of respect, yes, but the Broncos are still in the Mountain West, with fewer dollars than the elite programs and they need to win all their games to even have a shot at one of the elite bowl games. Cincinnati has done well for itself in the Big East, but what has that gotten the Bearcats? Now, you look at programs like Utah and TCU. Both played their way into much better conference situations. It certainly can be done if you win on the field for an extended period of time. Commissioner Mike Aresco has started calling his league a "challenger conference" for that reason. The Big East has helped programs like Cincinnati and Louisville build successful football programs. That is a big reason Louisville is headed to the ACC. The hope is for the new group to "play their way in" so to speak. But of course, the Big East hopes to hang onto these programs.

Phillip Virden in Lake City, Colo., writes: Andrea - I am enjoying the poll/input with the "New Big East" name suggestions with which you initiated. Besides enjoying collegiate sports, I am a fan of UPS, FedEX, and the possibility of life on another planet. So, without further ado, I offer my idea of the United Federal Organization - UFO - for serious consideration by your readers. If chosen, then expansion with this new league is surely " to infinity and beyond"! Oh well, just thought I'd offer some humor on this most serious topic. When your good thought of Big Country got little respect, it motivated me to respond. Thanks again for your good reporting.

Adelson: Hope all of you got a good chuckle out of this one the way I did.