Connecticut re-branding as UConn

The Big East was not the only piece of this conference to announce it that it was getting a new look this week. The oldest member of the soon-to-be American Athletic Conference is re-branding itself as well.

The University of Connecticut will be known as only "UConn" moving forward, school president Susan Herbst announced Thursday during her second annual state-of-the-university address.

The primary wordmark will read "UCONN" in all capital letters, and the school will keep its traditional oak leaf and university seal in place.

"As an institution, for years we have made use of UConn as an institutional nickname of sorts," Herbst said. "But while we see it as shorthand, it appears that throughout the nation -- due to our athletic success no doubt -- most everyone refers to the university as UConn. That's not a bad thing at all. Think UCLA or Penn or Georgia Tech or Cal or MIT, nicknames all -- and proud ones."

The athletic department will reveal a new Husky logo April 18 as part of a marketing partnership with Nike.

"For his next iteration, we have improved upon these based on what a real husky looks like," Herbst said. "And, I can assure you that contrary to speculation, he will be not appear to be mean, snarling or capable of frightening small children. Instead, he will be rendered as the sleek, beautiful animal a real husky truly is."

Glad we got that part cleared up.

As for how the move affects this space, I'm not going to lie: I've had trouble deciding between writing "Connecticut" and "UConn" ever since I began writing in the blog, usually resorting to the former on first reference and the latter on second. Thankfully, I haven't heard from any disgruntled fans or alums.

Problem solved, so it would appear.