Trickett chooses West Virginia over USF

When former Florida State quarterback Clint Trickett announced his decision to transfer, two schools emerged as favorites.

USF and West Virginia. Both schools had open quarterback jobs. Trickett had connections to both as well.

But in the end, Trickett decided he fit better with the Mountaineers, announcing his decision Wednesday to enroll at West Virginia. So that leaves USF where it was when spring practice ended: nowhere near clarity or resolution in its open quarterback spot.

Sure, this is a tough blow for the Bulls, who hoped Trickett would be able to come in and make an immediate impact in his final two seasons. He played generally well when he played for the Seminoles, and seemed to be the heir to EJ Manuel. But he lost an edge to win the starting quarterback job at Florida State to an exceptional talent. His slip behind Jameis Winston is not a major indictment on Trickett, but rather a nod to the unharnessed physical abilities Winston has that simply set him apart.

Having said that, this is not an unrecoverable blow for the Bulls. USF only ever had the idea of Trickett, who did take an official visit last week. Does that rankle Matt Floyd and Bobby Eveld? It should. And it should motivate them to dedicate themselves even more during the offseason, as both fight to win the starting job.

Neither inspired much in the way of confidence among the fans following the spring game, which is why many were so eager to see Trickett land in Tampa. Floyd played in seven games last year and started two. His fumbling problems in that spring game are simply inexcusable. He is not a freshman. Eveld couldn't get his team into the end zone until the very, very end. He's played in his fair share of games as well.

Coach Willie Taggart has praised them both, saying they showed improvement and leadership throughout the spring. Now one of them has to go out and take this job.

Nobody else is coming in to save the day.