Looking at Big East finances

May, 14, 2013
The highest-grossing Big East athletic department? Surprise, surprise: That would be Louisville.

The lowest? Houston, although the Cougars did not lead the conference in money spent to meet the budget.

A recent USA Today report lists 228 NCAA schools by total revenue, total expenses, total subsidy and percentage of money spent to subsidize athletics.

The Cardinals' $87,840,501 in total athletic revenue from 2012 leads the pack of Big East schools and is 20th nationally, 21 spots above No. 41 Rutgers and its $64,038,720 in revenue.

The Scarlet Knights, however, are No. 2 nationally in money spent to subsidize athletics, taking $27,996,056 to cover their deficit. USA Today says that Rutgers used roughly $18.5 million from the school and roughly $9.5 million in student fees. Rutgers improved slightly from 2011, when it spent $28.5 million more than it generated.

Only UNLV ($32,596,860) spent more to subsidize its athletic budget. Rutgers was 157th nationally in percentage of athletic budget that came from other sources (43.72 percent), finishing behind conference brethren Houston.

The Cougars finished 10th overall in money borrowed ($21,343,858) but 138th in percentage of money borrowed (58.23 percent), leading the conference in the latter category.

USA Today explains its methodology here. Figures from Temple and SMU were unavailable.

Here is how Big East schools ranked in 2012 in total athletic revenue.

20) Louisville: $87,840,501
41) Rutgers: $64,038,720
42) UConn: $63,566,909
53) Cincinnati: $48,892,291
54) Memphis: $46,783,503
56) USF: $43,574,000
60) UCF: $40,993,870
64) Houston: $36,652,492

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