Report: Williams, suspended players in car accident

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

We have another clue in the Mike Williams mystery.

The Syracuse Post-Standard is reporting that Williams, Antwon Bailey, Andrew Tiller and Torrey Ball were all involved in a car accident early Sunday morning. Williams quit the team Monday morning, and Syracuse coach Doug Marrone announced today that Bailey, Tiller and Ball were suspended for this week's game at Pitt for undisclosed team violations.

According to the report, Tiller was driving an SUV that was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer at 5:30 a.m. Sunday in Lenox, N.Y., which is about 30 miles east of Syracuse. Tiller was taken to the hospital, but no one else was hurt.

Police also said the driver of the tractor-trailer was entirely at fault, and no alcohol was involved.

Still, one has to wonder what the players were doing on the road at that hour of the night. Syracuse lost to Cincinnati on Saturday in a game that started at noon.

We still need more information on this story. Williams apparently would have been suspended for this week's game at Pitt like the other three, making his second suspension in three weeks. We don't know if his suspension would have been longer because of his previous undisclosed transgression. But if this is the only reason why Williams quit the team, it doesn't make much more sense than before.