Ranking the Big East bowls

Colleague Mark Schlabach undertook the gargantuan task of ranking all 32 bowl games from 1-to-32 today. Here's how the Big East bowls fared in those rankings:

4. Allstate Sugar: Cincinnati vs. Florida

6. Konica Minolta Gator Bowl: West Virginia vs. Florida State

15. Meineke Car Care Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina

23. Papajohns.com Bowl: South Carolina vs. Connecticut

27. St. Petersburg Bowl: Central Florida vs. Rutgers

32. International Bowl: South Florida vs. Northern Illinois

This list raises one immediate question: There are actually two games that will be less interesting than South Florida vs. Northern Illinois?

Other than that, it's a good reflection of the games' interest level. The Gator Bowl, of course, is far more appealing because of the Bobby Bowden factor than anything else since Florida State is not any good.

I'm actually slightly more intrigued by the Papajohns.com Bowl than the Meineke Car Care Bowl. That's because it's always a big deal for the Big East to take on an SEC team, and because UConn is such a good story. And I want to see how that Huskies' running game fares against the Gamecocks' defense.

Cincinnati-Florida speaks for itself. If I were doing the rankings, I'd have put it third overall, ahead of the Rose Bowl.