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Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett
Wrapping up our afternoon focus on UConn football with some more thoughts from coach Randy Edsall:

On quarterback Tyler Lorenzen:

I'm hoping he can progress further. I want him to be a little more accurate in terms of passing and making quicker decisions. He should be showing that maturity you would expect with another year under the system and should be even sharper terms of checks and reads and delivering the ball where it's supposed to be delivered.

He did a good job last year of not turning the ball over, and he also did a good job of using his feet when he had to. I really just want him to continue that, but to pick up his productivity in terms of the passing game and to be a little bit more crisp and efficient in the passing game.

On the receivers:

We have what we have, so I'm not concerned now that we're starting the season. There's nothing I can do about it now.

I think we've made progress in that regard. Last year we had some drops and we weren't as productive in the passing game. But that's up to the receivers, the offensive line and the quarterback to be productive in the passing game. I think we're going to be better, more effective and more efficient.

Brad Kanuch is out right now, but he's got legit speed. Kashif Moore can run, Ellis Gaulden is back and can run.

We've also got D.J. Hernandez, Mike Smith and Marcus Easley in our top six. So we've got guys (who can stretch the field). It's just the way that we incorporate different routes into the system we want to run.

On the running game:

Donald Brown and Andre Dixon are proven guys. Robbie Frey is a redshirt freshman who's done extremely well in both the spring and the preseason. We have a true freshman, Jordan Todman, who was looking good until he hurt his shoulder. He's on a week-to-week basis. And even Kelmetrus Wylie (can help).

So we have some depth at that position. And hopefully they can all stay healthy and we can utilize them and keep them fresh and that will make us more dynamic in the running game. And also, I think some of those guys can catch the ball pretty well out of the backfield.

On the defensive line:

We've got four guys at defensive end that'll play in games, with Cody Brown and Julius Williams backed up by Lyndsey Witten and Marcus Campbell. Those guys are athletic, they've got speed, they've got size to them, so that's good. Then inside you've got Rob Lunn and Alex Polito, who played last year and Twyon Martin and Kendall Reyes backing them up, two redshirt freshmen who I feel very, very good about.

Those eight guys are as good as athletes with as much speed as we've ever had in our top eight defensive lineman since I've been here.

On the linebackers/secondary:

We really only had to replace one guy. Dahna Deleston, we moved him back to safety and put Scott Lutrus back at his outside linebacker position. In the spring we had moved them, but going into fall camp as I had a chance to look at and study some things, I came to the defensive staff and said, "Guys are we really looking at (the right) situations?" So we ended up moving both those guys to their original positions and moving Greg Lloyd to inside linebacker. So basically, Jasper Howard is the other corner alongside Darius (Butler) and Robbie Vaughn and Dana stay at their position at safety.

On the overall confidence of the team:

They should have more confidence in terms of what we did last year, even though we didn't finish exactly the way we wanted to. I see a team that's focused but yet understands what it takes to win and what have to do to win.