Enthusiastic intro for Holtz

The introductory "news conference" for Skip Holtz at South Florida stretched the definition of that phrase.

Holtz was greeted by a large, enthusiastic crowd of boosters, the pep band, cheerleaders and students, some of whom had painted their chests in a sign of support. (And it helps to have Florida weather for an outdoor event like this in January). You can watch the whole thing here.

Holtz, for his part, returned the enthusiasm. He talked about how he accepted the job "about three seconds" after South Florida offered it to him. He said he'd been watching the Bulls from afar and was convinced the program could do great things.

"We can win the conference championship here," he said. "We can win the national championship here."

As you might imagine, that line went over pretty well with the crowd.

What I find interesting is that, although the Jim Leavitt era ended in ugly fashion, South Florida fans seem extremely happy with the result. I sense a real excitement about Holtz, whether it be because of his last name or his record at East Carolina, that wasn't necessarily there with Leavitt. South Florida backers believe he's the guy to get them to the next level, a place Leavitt couldn't reach.

We'll find out soon enough if all that enthusiasm is warranted.