Pike, Gilyard might need a few donuts

While Tim Tebow is under the most scrutiny at the Senior Bowl, Tony Pike is another quarterback drawing a lot of interest from scouts in Mobile.

The Cincinnati star checked in at just 212 pounds on Monday, raising questions about how his 6-foot-6 frame will hold up in the NFL. However, the Scouts Inc. team said on the first day of practice that Pike clearly has the best arm of all the North team quarterbacks. (Todd McShay has a full breakdown of Pike here).

Pike's teammate and two-time Big East special-teams player of the year Mardy Gilyard weighed in at 179 pounds. Gilyard's lack of size may hurt him in the draft, though NFL teams would be foolish to ignore his production in college.

West Virginia's Jarrett Brown is another interesting prospect. Scouts Inc.'s Day 1 blogInsider indicated the variety of opinion on Brown. The first entry on him read, "The ball is flying out of his hand and he's putting his physical tools on display. He looks the best of the three South quarterbacks at this point."

A little later on, though, there was this: "Brown is having trouble hitting his back foot and transitioning his weight at the top of his drops. He slipped on a five-step drop and later was late on an out route that Oklahoma CB Perrish Cox read well and picked off."