The Big East's best: No. 25, Jarrett Brown

A postseason ranking of the Big East's Top 30 players ...

No. 25

Jarrett Brown, QB, West Virginia, Sr.

Preseason rank: 14

BrownWhy him here: Brown started the season off very strong then leveled off, possibly related to the concussion he suffered in the Marshall game. He finished the year with 11 touchdown passes and nine interceptions while throwing for 2,144 yards. He was also his team's second-leading rusher with 466 yards and six scores, and he ranked third in the league in total offense.

It was Brown's first year of starting after three seasons behind Pat White, and he did so behind an offensive line that was shaky in its pass blocking. He led the team to a nine-win season and showed a lot of big-play potential at times, though his lack of game experience probably kept him from having a huge year.

Still, other than some turnover problems there wasn't a whole lot to complain about with Brown, and he impressed NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl with his physical gifts. He's got a tremendous arm and deceptive speed at 6-foot-4, and he has a chance to be a starting quarterback at the next level if given time to develop those gifts.

No. 26: George Selvie, DE, South Florida

No. 27: Kion Wilson, LB, South Florida

No. 28: Jabaal Sheard, DE, Pittsburgh

No. 29: Lindsey Witten, DE, Connecticut

No. 30: Jeff Linkenbach, OT, Cincinnati